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Growing Soft Fruit – A Short Guide to the Most Common Soft Fruits

No allotment or vegetable patch should be without soft fruit. As well as epitomising all that is summer with their abundance of juicy berries, they make a very versatile crop to eaten in season or stored in various ways to be enjoyed over the winter months. Who can resist a handful of freshly picked raspberries on your morning cereal or a delicious blackcurrant jam. Here are some handy tips on growing and getting the best out of a few of the most common soft fruit varieties.

Should You Only Use Organic Garden Plants

If you are an organic gardener you may be wondering if you should be using organic garden plants. That is a really good question and I can only say it depends.

Growlab 80 – Advantages of Using a Dedicated Growing Tent Indoors

There are advantages to giving your plants a dedicated space for growing indoors. One advantage is light control. If you have a large south facing window, you will not need to worry about the plants getting enough light in the winter.

Raised Vegetable Beds

Raised vegetable beds are a fantastic method of growing vegetables. They allow you to dictate the soil type whilst allowing the addition of organic matter to the surface of the soil without the hassle of it spilling onto pathways. They also make the plot more manageable and efficient and they look great – an important aspect when growing veg in your own garden as opposed to an allotment.

January Gardening Tips and Snips

Houseplant Check Up Houseplants make great gifts and you may have received some over Christmas. You need to ensure your houseplants continue to give you the best displays by keep them away from radiators and checking regularly for water.

With Spring Approaching, Are You Thinking of Your Home Vegetable Garden?

Now is the appropriate time to ask if it is really worth the trouble to start seedlings indoors, or is it more practical to wait until spring and purchase the few transplants and annuals you need? If you decide that you want to start the seedlings, be sure to order these seeds along with the rest of your seeds. I tend to purchase all my seeds from the same company every year, but this can be your choice.

Gardening by the Phases of the Moon

An early winter walk with the dog this morning gave me a wonderful sight of a full moon, large and luminous in the early morning sky. It got me thinking about the superstition and folklore surrounding the practice of moon phase gardening. In recent years there has been renewed interest in gardening by the phases of the moon, particularly in vegetable growing. Although there is still no scientific proof that planting in this way really works, many people believe that it does and there are some common sense reasons why it should.

Organic Gardening 101 – Getting Started

Have you been thinking about starting a garden to grow your own food? In this article on organic gardening 101 I want to help you get off the couch and get your hands dirty. As you are thinking about getting started let me suggest that you get started right a go organic from the beginning.

Practical Guide On How To Organic Garden

A lot of the information I read on how to organic garden seems to get way more technical than is necessary to grow your own food in your back yard. Yes, raised beds and hoop houses are great, but if someone is just starting with this gardening thing it can be overwhelming.

Does An Organic Garden Need A Soil Test?

What is a soil test and do I need one for my organic garden? Some people believe that if they are not using chemicals on their garden there is no need for a soil test. And, some of you may be thinking, how do you give your soil a test?

Tips in Plant Selection for Butterfly Gardening

Many times you have seen butterfly gardens abound with colorful winged creatures flittering about. Yet, when you bought a “butterfly weed”, nothing came! Here are some tips to selecting the right plants in order to turn your garden into a butterfly’s paradise.

Mulch in the Garden

Mulch for your garden beds can be organic and inorganic. Inorganic mulches are generally used for decoration. They provide very little or no nutrients to the plants but will not break down therefore won’t require continual topping up compared to the organic mulch selections. Organic Mulch is partially broken down organic material that as many great benefits for plants and garden beds as well as improving the aesthetics of your garden.

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