1 Month Old European Nightcrawler Worm Bin Feeding | Found My Very First Baby ENC | Vermicomposting

1 Month Old European Nightcrawler Worm Bin Feeding | Found My Very First Baby ENC | Vermicomposting

Greenhouse: Build or Buy?

Have you ever thought about building your own greenhouse? You could start the new growing season by making a small portable greenhouse which you will use for your seeds to turn them into seedlings, or you might build a big greenhouse for flowers and vegetables. Either way, you will have many growing seeds and plants in your own homemade greenhouse.

Selecting a Good LED Grow Light

Selecting an indoor LED Grow Light set up is not as straightforward as you might imagine. To begin with, you might think that you would simply invest in a light, dangle it up above the plant, plug it in and watch the magic happen. This could not be farther from the truth, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

Leaf Mulchers And Leaves For A Compost Mix By Spring

A farmer’s pride and joy includes seeing healthy, robust produce grow from his garden. And healthy produce results from hard work and great choices in material to work with. If you’re just starting out in your journey of growing organic food, you may be inclined to take the shortcut and buy everything from the agriculture supply store. Be warned, however, that a chemical-filled garden isn’t good news for your produce — and whoever eats it. Thus, it would be a better idea to just buy the machines and the tools from the store, but use wholly organic material, from fertilizer to pesticide, using the offal that Nature would prefer to regurgitate. Process them with tools like the leaf mulcher, of course…

How To Choose The Best Greenhouse Heater – The Basics Of Heating A Greenhouse

Heating a greenhouse is absolutely essential if you plan to grow plants during the winter or simply want to overwinter plants to keep them alive until spring. There are many different types of greenhouse heaters and heating systems. This article gives a general overview of greenhouse heaters and how to choose the best greenhouse heater for your needs.

How to Embellish Your Garden for Spring

For most gardeners, spring is the busiest time of the year tending the garden. Perennial plants are just about ready to burst. Winter clean up of fallen twigs, debris and mulch has to be done. Preparing the soil is a must but should only be started on as soon as the soil is not as wet that you can form ball in your hand. Once the soil is “just right”, start compacting after the yard is clutter-free of old growth and other debris. Before doing any clean-up proper tools should be at hand.

Growing Tomatoes – Plants and Their Preferred Soil

Tomatoes will grow in just about any type of soil, but to produce a thriving crop, it is best to provide them with a healthy organic soil structure. This is a soil that is nutrient rich, retains moisture, well drained, and has a pH range from 5.8 – 7.0.

Two Factoids About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are gentle, sweet flowers that add a delicate touch to any flower arrangement. It is an ornamental plant that originated from the Orient and was then transported and grown in the Americas and even in the Azores islands of Portugal, particularly the Faial and Flores Islands. The beauty of hydrangeas is such that they’re usually used in wedding and other floral arrangements, including hydrangea flower arrangements.

Gardening – Different Types of Soil

Soils, like the old add, ain’t just soils. They can be clay, sandy, or, most desirably, sandy or clay loam. There are ways to make the soil desirable.

Building An Organic Compost Pit With The Help Of Leaf Mulchers

Organic vegetables seem to be the rage nowadays. With people realizing that their health translates to wealth, they are learning to watch the way they eat. That is why organic farming is a growing industry. Organic farming does not need to be elaborate. You don’t have to have a state of the art farm complete with hydroponic technology and all those newfangled machines. All you really need are your seeds, great soil, great organic pesticide, not to mention great organic fertilizer that work. While your seeds’ genetics may be something you won’t have great control over, neither your soil, your pesticides and fertilizers are something that you could figure out the best formula for. And with that, we find great use for leaf mulchers.

Creating Breathtaking And Elegant Hydrangea Flower Arrangements

How do I love hydrangeas? Let me count the ways… Or just do a Google Images search and oooh and ahh at all the pretty hydrangea pictures that I can find. Hydrangeas are flowers that come in panicles or corymbs, or to make it simpler, flowerheads. These are clumps of flowers that group together to form a natural bouquet of sorts. Among the flowers that create these natural bouquets include the lilac, the hydrangea, the hawthorn, the ixora and even the rowan. Among the most symmetrical flowers that create these natural bouquets are the ixora (otherwise known as santan or the West Indian jasmine) and the hydrangea. But the more breathtaking-to-behold sister is undoubtedly the hydrangea. Hydrangeas are gentle beauties, and that makes them the best choice for hydrangea flower arrangements.

Fulvic Acid Combined With Humic Acid Equals Incredible Results

Fulvic comes from the word fulvus and means yellow. Fulvic acids are light yellow to golden-brown in color. Fulvic Acid is immensely important for rigorous and healthy plant growth. It is one of the most basic minerals but many growers are unaware of its importance. As a result, their plants never reach their full potential.

Advantages of a Drain to Waste System

Indoor gardeners who want to prevent diseases often use a system called drain to waste. In this type of set up, instead of recirculating nutrients after they’ve been run through your system, you simply let them drain into a bucket.

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