CORONAVIRUS tests will available for key workers as Boris Johnson plans to return to work on Monday return.

Matt Hancock last night revealed seven million of England’s key workers and their families can now be tested for the deadly bug.

Speaking in the Downing Street press briefing, the Health Secretary announced the process would be free.

It comes as the PM is set to return to work next week after being hospitalised with the deadly bug.

His return to Downing Street comes as there is said to be Cabinet disquiet about the length of the lockdown and minister are relying on him to give fresh impetus to an exit strategy.

The PM also spoke to the Queen last night as he continues his coronavirus recovery.

And yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon shared her draft plans for ending Scotland’s lockdown.

In a press conference, she said that a “return to normal as we knew it is not on the cards in the near future.”

The news comes as the death toll yesterday tragically hit 18,738.

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Brittany Vonow2 minutes ago24th April 2020


Sunlight could kill the coronavirus within minutes, the US Department of Homeland Security revealed Thursday.

New research from the DHS Science and Technology directorate found that high humidity, temperatures, and sunlight kills the virus in saliva droplets on non-porous surfaces and in the air.

The virus dies quickest in the presence of direct sunlight, and it survives best in indoor conditions, the study found.

Brittany Vonow13 minutes ago24th April 2020


Cruise ships have been particularly hit during this pandemic.

And 91 passengers on an Italian cruise ship docked in Japan have been infected by the virus.

It comes after the Diamond Princess cruise liner docked in Yokohama two months ago, as more than 700 of its passengers and crew ultimately tested positive for the virus.

Brittany Vonow24 minutes ago24th April 2020


Residents in care homes could account for nearly half of coronavirus deaths across Europe, the World Health Organisation has warned.

European director Hans Kluge said many were “particularly vulnerable to this virus” that has swept across the globe.

He said said the deaths had been an “unimaginable human tragedy”.

Brittany Vonow34 minutes ago24th April 2020


Coronavirus could linger in a patient’s eyes for weeks, a new study has suggested.

Researchers at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Italy examined a 65-year-old coronavirus patient, finding the virus remained in her eyes for 21 days.

David Boroff44 minutes ago24th April 2020


Hairdressers in UK may remain closed for six months: Ministers fear hairdressers will have to remain shut for six more months, turning Britain into a nation of long-haired scruffs. Scientists working on the lockdown have found no safe way for salons to reopen.
Boris back next week: Boris Johnson is planning to return to work as early as Monday to take back control of the coronavirus crisis. His return to Downing Street comes as there is said to be Cabinet disquiet about the length of the lockdown and minister are relying on him to give fresh impetus to an exit strategy.
VP Pence optimistic: The coronavirus pandemic could end as early as June, Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday, despite the nation’s top health experts warning of a second wave in the fall. People who have already contracted the disease will likely be immune to it in the future, which means the US will be in a “better place” by fall, according to Pence.
Heartbreaking note revealed: A 32-year-old man who died from the coronavirus in Connecticut wrote his family that they gave him “the best life I could have ever asked for” – an apparent farewell message his wife found on his phone.
Bill Gates likens pandemic to World War II: The coronavirus pandemic will define the current generation in the same way World War II shaped an earlier cohort, according to Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder acknowledged the pain caused by the outbreak which will be felt “for years to come.”
China reports no new deaths again: China on Friday reported no new COVID-19 deaths for the ninth straight day, and just six new cases of the virus. Two of those were brought from overseas, with three domestic cases in Heilongjiang on the Russian border and one in the southern business hub of Guangdong.

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