12.42pm BST

Labour’s Geraint Davies asks Raab to say if the decision to opt out of the EU ventilator procurement scheme was a political decision or a commercial decision.

Raab says the original decision was a “failure of communication”. The UK did not get the invitation to tender. But not participating has not made a difference, he says. He says the UK is looking at participating in other schemes.

12.40pm BST

Shailesh Vara, a Conservative, invites Raab to congratulate NHS staff.

Raab says he has to read out the death toll at press conferences. He always walks away ashen-faced when he thinks of what those figures mean for families, he says.

12.39pm BST

Labour’s Wes Streeting praises the response of the emergency services who responded to the killing of two young children in his constituency at the weekend. More needs to be done to help people who are unsafe in their own homes, he says.

Raab says he was appalled by this case. He passes on his condolences. And he says the police are there to protect people. Anyone who needs to should call 999. And there is a domestic abuse helpline. He says the lockdown has created specific problems, but the domestic abuse bill, which had its second reading yesterday, will help to address this problem.

12.35pm BST

Labour’s Zarah Sultana says the government should not be offering help to firms based in tax havens, and firms paying dividends or engaged in share buy-backs. She says the government should be helping the 99% instead.

Raab criticises her for being partisan. He says the government is helping a wide range of businesses.

12.34pm BST

Robert Courts, a Conservative, says the banks have to do their bit to help the coronavirus recovery.

Raab says the government has stepped to the plate. “We expect the banks to do the same too,” he says.

12.33pm BST

The SNP’s Allan Dorans asks for an assurance that, when a vaccine becomes available, it will be distributed around the world on the basis of need, not on the basis of wealth.

Raab says the government is contributing to international vaccination programmes. He says he agrees with what Dorans said.

12.32pm BST

Rob Roberts, a Conservative, asks if the government remains committed to levelling up in schools after this crisis is over.

Raab says the government remains committed to that.

12.31pm BST

Ian Blackford, the SNP leader (who is participating by Zoom), says the UK is two months away from the point where it might walk away from Brexit trade deal talks. Why is the government risking a no deal outcome?

Raab says he would not rely as much as Blackford does on the word of Michel Barnier for a guide to how the talks are going. He says the UK wants a deal.

Blackford says the best way to remove uncertainty would be to allow more time for talks. He says 2m people risk losing their jobs in the UK. He says refusing to recognise the inevitability of extending the talks is a foolish gamble. He urges Raab to face down the hardliners in his party.

Raab says extending the talks would increase uncertainty.

12.27pm BST

Sir Desmond Swayne, a Conservative, asks if garden centres will open “in short order”.

Raab says the current advice says no, but that this is being kept under review.

12.27pm BST

Starmer says the problem with Raab’s response is that the UK risks falling behind.

Other European countries have published exit plans.

He says it is clear what these must involve; eg opening schools.

He says he wants the four nations of the UK to carry on working together.

Will the government consult the opposition?

Raab says it would be wrong to set out an exit strategy now.

He says he has read the Scottish government’s document. That does not set out an exit strategy. It explains principles, he says, in line with the five tests set out by Raab.

Raab says Starmer has a reputation for following the evidence. He should not abandon that approach.

12.24pm BST

Starmer says Raab asked him to acknowledge the success in increasing capacity. He says he is happy to do that. He says it has been an “amazing piece of work”.

On the lockdown, he says he is not asking for a timeframe, and not asking for detail of what will happen.

But he wants the government to be open, he says.

He says he would like to be able to support the government’s strategy. Raab promised on Monday “maximum transparency”. When will the government publish an exit strategy?

Raab says when Sage last reviewed the lockdown, it advised against any change.

He says Sage will review this again early next month.

He says, if Starmer has any proposals, he should say what they are.

He says it would be wrong to make proposals now, without knowing what Sage will recommend.

at 12.25pm BST

12.21pm BST

Starmer says he does not base things on his own opinion. He tries to stick to the evidence. When he spoke about the situation for PPE getting worse, he was quoting he views of doctors.

He says the government used to say the problem with testing was lack of demand.

But now demand for testing has gone through the roof.

And the 100,000 target was only a staging post. He says the PM talks about 250,000 tests a day being a target. Starmer says he agrees; that is what the government should be heading for.

He asks if that is still a target, and when it might be hit.

Raab says he understands the point about PPE, but he does not accept that that means overall things are getting worse.

He says testing capacity has doubled since last week. The latest figures showed 43,563 tests being carried out daily.

He says the 250,000 target is still a milestone. But he won’t put deadline on it.

12.17pm BST

Starmer says on Sunday Raab told the Marr programme that deaths in care homes were falling. Can he clarify if that is right?

Starmer asks about PPE (personal protective equipment). He says he recognises that distributing this is difficult. But the situation seems to be getting worse. A survey on Monday said one in four doctors was not getting the equipment they needed. He says this is a plea from the frontline. What is going on, and how can it be fixed?

Raab says there are some positive signs coming out of care homes, but they are “within the margin of error”.

He says he does not accept Starmer’s claim that the situation with PPE is getting worse not better.

In relation to PPE, Raab says Starmer has to recognise that the UK faces a global supply shortage. Every country is facing this. The UK is “the international buyer of choice”. He says flights are coming in from places like China, Turkey and Myanmar.

at 12.18pm BST

12.14pm BST

Confirmed or suspected Covid-related deaths in Scotland rise to 2,272

A total of 2,272 people have died in Scotland with confirmed or suspected coronavirus, according to the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

Of these:
– 39% took place in care homes
– 52% in hospitals
– 9% in homes or non-institutional settings

There were 656 deaths relating to Covid-19 registered between 20-26 April, a rise of four on the 652 registered between 13-19 April.

The figures are announced weekly and account for all deaths registered in Scotland where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

They differ from the lab-confirmed coronavirus deaths announced daily by the Scottish government because they include suspected or probable cases of Covid-19.

Severin Carrell

BREAKING Total Scottish #coronavirus deaths jump to 2,272 by 26 April; 39% occurred in care homes, 886 in all @NatRecordsScot pic.twitter.com/oD0D6RWa8Y

April 29, 2020

Severin Carrell

@GuardianData journalist @PorcelinaD finds care home deaths in Scotland exceeded hospital deaths last week by 338 to 276 according to @NatRecordsScot data #coronavirusuk

April 29, 2020

at 12.31pm BST

12.13pm BST

Starmer welcomes the fact that the government is producing a clearer breakdown of figures.

And he welcomes the fact hospital deaths are falling.

But care home deaths are rising, he says.

He says MPs have heard “expressions of real anxiety” from people in the care sector.

Why is coronavirus spreading so quickly in that sector?

And what are the latest figures for care home deaths?

Raab says he has already given that figure.

There is a challenge in care homes, he says.

He says the government has made “good progress” in reducing the level of community transmission, but there have been problems in hospitals and care homes.

With care homes, the challenge is controlling the ebb and flow of people in and out. He says the sector is diverse.

But there is a plan to address this, he says. Testing for care homes is being increased.

This is a challenge.

But it is a challenge we can grip and must grip.

12.10pm BST

Sir Keir Starmer offers his congratulations to the PM and Carrie Symonds. He says they must have gone through great anxiety in recent weeks, and he says he is glad that they must be relieved.

He says there are now at least 27,241 coronavirus deaths. But that is probably an understatement.

He says the PM talked on Monday about the UK’s apparent success on coronavirus. But this is not a success, he says. He says these figures are “truly dreadful”.

Raab says it is difficult to interpret the coronavirus death figures, because of the different ways they are recorded.

This is a global pandemic, he says. The reality is that we know a lot more about the virus than we did.

He says he shares the “joint horror” at these deaths.

But he says it is too early to make international comparisons. If they are to be done, they should be done on a per head basis, he says.

at 12.12pm BST

12.06pm BST

James Cartlidge, a Conservative, asks what can be done to free up the NHS so that patients with cancer and other conditions can be treated.

Dominic Raab offers his congratulations to the PM and his fiancee.

He offers his condolences to the families and friends of the 85 NHS workers and 23 social care workers who have died with coronavirus.

And he offers birthday wishes to the veteran NHS fundraiser Capt Tom Moore, who is 100 tomorrow.

Turning to Cartlidge, he says the government is planning to ensure the NHS can treat more non-coronavirus patients.

12.03pm BST

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Commons Speaker, opens PMQs by congratulating the prime minster and his partner.

12.02pm BST

From the former prime minister David Cameron, who celebrated the birth of a baby while he was in No 10

David Cameron

Heartfelt congratulations @BorisJohnson and @carriesymonds on your wonderful news today. Sam and I are thrilled for you both! Sorry we didn’t leave the cot – but the climbing frame should still be in the garden!

April 29, 2020

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