A Guardian Australia analysis of coronavirus cases in NSW shows where Covid-19 infections have been increasing, and where cases are on the decline.

Using data from New South Wales Health we calculate the number of new, locally-acquired cases a day for every local government area (LGA) in NSW.

We then check to see if cases have increased or decreased over the past fortnight for each area that reported more than five cases during the period (see below for more details on the trend method used).

Here’s the full map:

Where Covid-19 cases are increasing and decreasing in Sydney

Showing the trend in locally-acquired cases by local government area, for areas with more than five cases in the past fortnight. *The trend is determined using the week-on-week change in a rolling 7-day average of cases. The circles are sized by the total number of cases in the past 30 days. Data last updated:

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The map is updated daily to track changes in each area over time.

You can use the buttons to show the previously locked-down postcode areas, which can overlap with multiple local government areas.

Map notes

This analysis is based on a daily scrape of LGA data from NSW Health. To get an idea if cases are increasing or decreasing over the fortnight, I’ve used the weekly change from a rolling seven-day average of daily new cases over the past 14 days.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the map or data here: australia.coronatracking@theguardian.com

More NSW Covid-19 data and maps

Below you can find all our NSW coronavirus data, which is also available on our full Australia Covid-19 map and stats page.

Here you can see the total number of daily cases, split by those where the source of the infection was overseas or interstate, and those where it was acquired locally or still under investigation.

NSW and Sydney coronavirus map: where Covid-19 cases are rising or falling

Here, you can see the trend in the source of Covid-19 cases over the whole length of the coronavirus pandemic in NSW:

NSW coronavirus cases trend in source New South Wales Covid-19 local community transmission and overseas

This chart shows the percentage of positive cases per the number of tests conducted for both Victoria and NSW. A lower % positive rate is indicative of more widespread, less-targeted testing. Generally the % positive rate in Australia is better than many other countries, as it is well below the threshold that the WHO has recommended for adequate testing.

NSW and Victoria coronavirus testing rates Covid-19 cases percent positive Vic New South Wales

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Due to the unprecedented and ongoing nature of the coronavirus outbreak, this article is being regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the current situation at the date of publication. Any significant corrections made to this or previous versions of the article will continue to be footnoted in line with Guardian editorial policy.

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