A woman has exposed a barman for stealing her phone number from his work venue’s COVID-19 tracing app.

Model Lucy Dixon, 32, logged her name and number at a bar in the UK where she was having drinks with friends, and later received a text from a random number which read, “I was working the night you came in, you’re gorgeous”.

After the man attempted to convince Ms Dixon he found her number on Instagram, she eventually figured out he had tracked down her details illegally, writing “Have you taken my number from when I ordered drinks through the app last night?”, to which Tom replied, “maybe”.

Ms Dixon posted screenshots to Facebook,  where they have since racked up thousands of comments from people slamming the barman and the establishment.

“This is exactly what should never happen,” Dixon added. “Currently getting to the bottom of how and why this has happened. Surely these are meant to be secure databases no?”

As of Friday evening there were 26,513 cases of coronavirus in Australia, with Victoria recording 43 new cases and nine deaths in a promising decrease.

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12:25 am
September 12, 2020

Lexie Cartwright

The coronavirus reproduction factor – known as R value – in the UK has gone above 1 for the first time.

The UK government has today set the number between 1 and 1.2 (though it varies from different regions). Scotland is estimated to have the highest R number, between 1.1 and 1.5.

The R value represents how fast the virus is multiplying. To break that down, it’s the number of people that one infected person will pass the virus on to, on average.

It is considered diabolical for an R value to go above 1, as the number of cases could snowball rapidly.

There were 2988 new cases of coronavirus recorded in the UK on Sunday, the highest figure since May 22.

New restrictions were announced this week which will be in place from Monday, with no more than six people allowed to meet socially either indoors or outdoors.

12:08 am
September 12, 2020

Lexie Cartwright

Leading professors have stopped short of labelling the Victorian government’s suppression target of less than five new cases over a two-week period impossible.

Shitij Kapur and James McCaw said Wuhan was the only city in the world which had accomplished such a feat.
“No major city in Europe has attempted to suppress transmission to this extent — not London, nor Paris or Berlin. Nor have New York or LA or Chicago; and certainly not Sao Paulo, Mexico City or Mumbai,” they said in a column for The Australian.
“Even the Asian cities lauded for their public health systems and compliant populations — Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo or Seoul — have not managed to achieve this strict threshold.

“Ironically the only major city that has achieved this is Wuhan.

“A city of 11 million that ­endured thousands of cases but then imposed perhaps the harshest of lockdowns, barring practically all movement and work.”

11:28 pm
September 11, 2020

Lexie Cartwright

For those who have had a COVID-19 test before, prepare to quiver.

A man has managed to swallow an entire swab while getting a coronavirus test in Hull, UK.

These are no ordinary cotton swabs. They are approximately 6 inches long so they are able to comfortably reach down the throat and up nostrils.

The man reportedly attended the Hull Royal Infirmary afterwards though his condition is unknown.

11:07 pm
September 11, 2020

Lexie Cartwright

Victorian police are on alert as hundreds of protesters are expected to attend a rally in Melbourne to fight against coronavirus restrictions.

More than a thousand people have clicked attending to a ‘Melbourne Freedom Walk’ event organised on Facebook, which is happening Saturday.

It is set to be held at the the Tan running track at the Royal Botanical Gardens at 11am.

The state is currently under stage 4 restrictions, with people who breach the restrictions facing a $1652 fine.

The event is described as a “legal walk, allowing citizens to come together, get healthy and talk about getting our freedoms back”.

A second ‘secret’ protest has also been planned for the City of Melbourne on Sunday, with organisers to make the location known beforehand.

Both protests are believed to have been organised by Tony Pecora, a conspiracy theorist who was dropped by Clive Palmer as his party’s candidate for the seat of Melbourne at the last federal election.

10:54 pm
September 11, 2020

Lexie Cartwright

UK model Lucy Dixon did not appreciate this bloke’s efforts to chat her up.

The 32-year-old exposed a bar worker who texted her after taking her number from the COVID-19 tracing up she had used to check into a bar.

Picture: Lucy Dixon/Facebook

She posted the screenshots on Facebook which have since gone viral.

“This is exactly what should never happen,” Dixon added.

“Currently getting to the bottom of how and why this has happened. Surely these are meant to be secure databases no?”

Check out the exchange below:

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