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One in nine people in the UK under lockdown restrictions

One in nine people across the UK are once more under some form of lockdown restrictions, according to an analysis by Pamela Duncan, a Guardian data journalist.

A total of 7,317,093 people – 11% of the UK population – live in the local authority areas and wards affected by some level of local lockdown measures.

Birmingham, Sandwell and Sollihull were added to the government’s list of areas facing restrictions on certain forms of social contact and business and venue closures. When added to large swathes of north west England 8.9% of the population of England are now under some form of lockdown.

In Scotland, the addition of North and South Lanarkshire brings to almost 1.8 million the number of people affected by a ban from indoor private gatherings, equivalent to almost a third (32.3%) of the total population.

The 181,000 people affected by the local lockdown in place in Caerphilly since Tuesday equate to 5.7% of the Welsh population.

The 6.6 million UK figure includes 343,542 people in Belfast City Council but not the local restrictions recently put in place in other parts of Northern Ireland – Ballymena town and the BT43, BT28 and BT29 postcodes.

The figures exclude those self-isolating, quarantining or shielding and those subject to work-specific lockdowns such as Greencore workers in and their families in Northamptonshire.

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Hello, this is Damien Gayle taking the reins of the liveblog now from London. Over the next eight hours I’ll be bringing you the latest coronavirus-related updates and headlines from around the world.

You can drop me a line with any comments, tips or suggestions for stories we could be covering, either via email to damien.gayle@theguardian.com, or via Twitter direct message to @damiengayle.

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Thanks all for following our global coronavirus coverage so far. I’m handing over to my UK colleague Damien Gayle now.

A quick summary of events over the past 10 hours or so:

Australia’s state of Victoria recorded its lowest daily case count for almost three months with 37 cases and six deaths over the past 24 hours. Melbourne remains under strict lockdown.
India broke its record for new cases for a second consecutive day with 97,570 cases and 1,201 deaths. India’s 4.65 million cases is second only to the United States’ 6.4m cases.
Canada reported no new deaths for the first time March 15, but did record 702 new cases of the disease.
England is on a “knife edge” according to its former chief scientific advisor, with cases doubling almost weekly.

Please take care of yourself and others, and stick to the social distancing rules. Keep washing those hands.

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England on a coronavirus “knife edge” says former chief science advisor

The UK’s former chief scientific advisor Sir David King has said England is on a “knife edge” with new coronavirus cases doubling almost weekly.

Guardian analysis finds that 7.3m people in the UK are set to be living under local lockdown restrictions once rules are imposed in and around Birmingham next week.

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Guardian front page, Saturday 12 September: Coronavirus cases doubling weekly as infection rate surges pic.twitter.com/PG4uDcZCty

September 12, 2020

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Australian politics can often be like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

In unrelated news, a political row over the actor Tom Hanks rolls on. Hanks has been allowed back in to the state of Queensland for the filming of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis movie. The state’s borders are currently closed to everyday movements, but exemptions are granted daily.

Australia’s home affairs minister,Peter Dutton, whose federal seat is in Queensland, has a suspicious mind, and attacked the state’s government for showing favouritism towards Hanks.

But in a case of return to sender, it turned out Dutton’s own department had given federal approvals to Hanks, his family and production crew.

Queensland’s deputy premier, Steven Miles, has hit back this afternoon.

10 News First

QLD Deputy Premier Steven Miles has hit back at Peter Dutton’s claim that the Queensland government allowed Tom Hanks into the state.

Miles said that the home affairs minister was “lying” and that Dutton and Border Force control which non-residents can enter Australia. #auspol pic.twitter.com/qNqdkzHlFP

September 12, 2020

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A 33-year-old woman in coronavirus quarantine in Perth in Western Australia has become the first person to be fitted with an electronic ankle tracker under the state’s expanded security laws.

The woman had travelled from NSW to Perth on 1 September but needed to self-isolate at home for 14 days. When police checked on her, AAP reports they found two men visiting.

She was fined $1000 and moved to a Perth quarantine hotel. Police said on Saturday the state’s emergency coordinator decided it was necessary to monitor her location using the device, which would stay in place until her quarantine period was up.

WA Health reported no new virus cases on Saturday leaving the state’s total of diagnosed infections since the start of the pandemic at 659.

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People in Britain who accepted vouchers and credit from airlines and travel companies months ago as the pandemic hit are now faced with a labyrinth of rules and unexpected charges.

The Guardian’s Anna Tims has this report.

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Germany’s Robert Koch Institute has reported a further 1,630 cases and five deaths, according to Reuters.

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More on India’s record surge of coronavirus cases.

AP reports that India’s health ministry has confirmed another 1,201 deaths, taking the total number of deaths in the country from the pandemic to 77,472.

Even though India is now testing more than a million people a day, experts say limited and restrictive testing could be masking the pandemic’s true footprint.

The Health Ministry said the country’s recovery rate was at 77.7%.

“The gap between the percentage of recovered cases and active cases is progressively growing wide,” the ministry said.

The western state of Maharashtra, home to financial capital Mumbai, has seen 28,000 covid-19 deaths and cases have passed 1 million there.

The country’s economy contracted nearly 24% in the second quarter, the worst among the world’s top economies.

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India records second record daily jump in Covid-19 cases

India reported 97,570 new infections of coronavirus on Saturday, beating its daily record for new reported cases for the second consecutive day.

Reuters reports that data from the country’s health ministry now puts India’s total cases above 4.65 million, making it the second worst hit country behind the United States’ 6.4m cases.

But the growth in infections in India is faster than anywhere else in the world, with cases surging through urban and rural areas of some large, populous states.

A health worker takes a nasal swab sample to test for COVID-19 in Ahmedabad, India on Friday. Photograph: Ajit Solanki/AP

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With that, I’ll be handing over the blog to my colleague Graham Readfearn. Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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Earlier today, Queensland’s health minister, Steven Miles had some words for federal politicians who have criticised the Queensland state government’s border restrictions.

The prime minister, and former immigration minister, Scott Morrison, and current home affairs minister Peter Dutton have pinpointed recent cases where people have been denied medical or compassionate exemptions to enter the state, or had them delayed.

“You have the prime minister, Peter Dutton, Matthias Cormann, just about every bloke in the federal government come out and attack you,” he said. “Those three blokes, none of them are known for their compassion.

“You all reported on Scott Morrison nearly crying on Ray Hadley, but has he ever cried about the hundreds of people who died in aged care under his watch?”

Jessica van Vonderen

Qld Deputy Premier @StevenJMiles returning fire at the federal Ministers who’ve attacked Qld over border restrictions @abcnews @abcbrisbane #qldpol #auspol pic.twitter.com/1UMS2ofp8w

September 12, 2020

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Summary so far

Here’s what’s happened today so far:

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Two children contract Covid-19 in Queensland

Two girls are among the new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Queensland.

The state reported three new people had contracted the virus as of Saturday. One is a man in his 20s and two are children under nine-years-old. All three are in quarantine and are contacts of confirmed cases.

The state’s health minister, Steven Miles, said the man is linked to the Queensland Corrective Services outbreak while the two girls are contacts of the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre cluster.

“Our last case outside of quarantine was Tuesday and that’s of course the key indicator from here on in as to whether we have got this cluster under control,” Miles said.

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