Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews provides a coronavirus after Health Minister Jenny Mikakos announced her resignation over the handling of the hotel quarantine program.

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Live updatesJust nowSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 5:28am

By Dean Bilton

Dan Andrews on his statement to the inquiry 

The Premier is asked why he did not name Jenny Mikakos as responsible before fronting the inquiry yesterday, even though he has now said her role was “obvious”.


There is an inquiry going on and I made the judgment that I was not going to be asking questions that were absolutely central to the work of the inquiry.


That is not appropriate. It is not appropriate.


And as to speculating on that, then that is in the past. Those matters, I have made a statement, I have beyond that given evidence for whatever it was, two and a half, three hours or so and I outlined to the best of my knowledge and ability the facts.

5mminutes agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 5:24am

By Dean Bilton

Jenny Mikakos was not issued an ‘ultimatum’ 

Premier Dan Andrews says he did not speak to the former Health Minister before she made the decision to resign.


No. I don’t believe that is accurate in any way. I did not speak with the Minister before she resigned and I have not spoken to her since.


I don’t know that I could be any clearer, I did not speak to her and I have not spoken to her since.

5mminutes agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 5:24am

By Nicholas McElroy

Did Andrews ask Mikakos to resign? 




Did you ask Minister Mikakos to resign? 



No, Minister Mikakos resigned. I didn’t have an opportunity to put to her but as I indicated, I believe that is the appropriate decision.



Why do you believe it is the appropriate course of action?



Well again, I don’t want to be getting ahead of a process that I appeared before yesterday. There will be a report and I will leave it to the report to detail, make findings, make recommendations.



Had you come to the view in your own mind that it was the appropriate course of action. Why is that?



Well again, I’m not going to comment on those matters until I have got the report. I believe that Jenny has made the right choice but she made that choice and I have taken the opportunity, and I will take it again, to acknowledge hundreds, thousands of hours of work.


A dedicated person. A person absolutely focused on her important roles and I am grateful for that. She has made her decision and that is is the appropriate decision. As to detailing further, it really is a matter for the Inquiry to make its findings.


It is a matter for the Inquiry to come to conclusions to make recommendations and, as you know, that is not today. That will be in about five week’s time.

8mminutes agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 5:20am

By Nicholas McElroy

Key EventVictorian case figures, by the numbers



5 are linked to known outbreaks and complex cases



Of the 5 linked to known outbreaks, 3 are linked to aged care, 2 are linked to a complex case in Greater Dandenong


782 Victorians have now died from coronavirus, one more since yesterday’s report.


A woman in her 80s, linked to aged care


There are 53 in hospital, 9 ICU, 5 of those on ventilators


Mystery cases: 2 more since yesterday 


72 healthcare workers active cases, 444 active cases across the state


1 case in regional local govt area 


Total regional Vic active cases: 10


23.6: 14-day average for Melb 


0.8: 14-day average regional Vic



9mminutes agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 5:20am

By Dean Bilton

Key EventMartin Foley to replace Jenny Mikakos 

Mr Andrews confirms Ms Mikakos’s replacement will be sworn in this afternoon.


As you are aware, Jenny Mikakos resigned this morning. I believe that was the appropriate course of action for her to take.


I want to take this opportunity to thank her for her dedicated service, for her hard work. She is a very, very hard-working person and I’m grateful to her for her efforts. I’m grateful to her for her contribution to the parliament and to the people of Victoria and to our party, and I wish her well for the future.


I have asked Martin Foley to become our Health Minister and he will be sworn in just after we finish our media conference today.


There will be other ministerial arrangements in terms of a replacement Minister for Jenny Mikakos and some consequent portfolio changes. I will make those announcements at the appropriate time.

12mminutes agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 5:17am

By Nicholas McElroy

Daniel Andrews opens on testing, saying they are part of getting to ‘COVID normal’ 


Mr Andrews 16,027 tests were conducted yesterday.


“Thank you to each of them. And in advance, thank you to every Victorians who won’t delay,” Mr Andrews said. 


“They will simply go an get a test as soon as they register even the mildest symptoms.


“It is a big, big part of us being able to get to that COVID normal.”

29mminutes agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 4:59am

By Nicholas McElroy

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is due to speak in a few minutes 


54mminutes agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 4:35am

By Nicholas McElroy

After weeks of deflecting questions, Andrews gave an answer that killed a political career


ABC News


After a long time spent dodging questions about who was responsible for the bungled hotel quarantine program, Premier Daniel Andrews singled out his Health Minister – making it clear she was on borrowed time, writes Richard Willingham.1hhour agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 4:22am

By Nicholas McElroy

Nursing federation boss ‘disappointed’ at Health Minister’s resignation


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation says it’s shocked Victoria’s Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has resigned before the inquiry into hotel quarantine has been concluded.


In a statement posted to social media this morning, Ms Mikakos said she would resign as Health Minister immediately, after Premier Daniel Andrews’ comments about her being responsible for the bungled scheme that led to Victoria’s second wave.


She said she’s deeply sorry but she doesn’t believe her actions led to the crisis.


The union’s Victorian President, Lisa Fitzpatrick says Ms Mikakos has made significant improvements to the health system.


“Well I’m shocked that she has resigned before the parliamentary inquiry has handed down its report,” she said.


“I’m very disappointed she’s resigned from parliament. She is one of the most hardworking parliamentarians that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

1hhour agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 4:14am

By Nicholas McElroy

PM declines to comment on Mikakos resignation


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declined to comment on whether the Victorian Health Minister has been unfairly treated over the hotel quarantine bungling.


Mr Morrison said he is instead focused on working with all state and territory governments on the COVID-19 crisis.

“It’s not my role to get involved in those matters that are being investigated in Victoria,” Mr Morrison said. 


“They have their process, I’ll respect those processes and let them get on with it.


“I’ll get on with my job which is work with everybody to rebuild the country.”

1hhour agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 4:02am

By Nicholas McElroy

Key EventVictorian Premier Daniel Andrews is due to speak at 3pm


1hhour agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 3:57am

By Nicholas McElroy

Victorian crossbencher statement on Mikakos


In a statement, Upper House crossbencher and Reason Party leader Fiona Patten said Ms Mikakos would be missed from Parliament.

“Jenny was strong on some of the issues close to my political heart,” she said.

“She was there for the Safe Access Zones legislation that helped protect women’s medical privacy and she was there for the Voluntary 

Assisted Dying laws that now give so many people peace of mind at the end of their life. For that I will always be grateful.”

“It has been an extraordinary time for us all, but especially so if you are the Health Minister. Jenny has carried herself remarkably well during these difficult times.”


By Leonie Thorne

1hhour agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 3:50am

By Nicholas McElroy

Tributes to Mikakos from her Labor colleagues 


1hhour agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 3:48am

By Nicholas McElroy

These are good questions 


So .. when is the Premier’s daily news conference?



Will Dan be speaking today?

-Julie Bee


But we don’t know the answers just yet. 


We will let you know as soon as we have confirmation. 


1hhour agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 3:38am

By Nicholas McElroy

Sartorial decisions 


It looks like most readers think Premier Daniel Andrews will be in a suit at today’s press conference.


But some are hoping for the spray jacket. 


Looking for the spray jacket because the numbers are low and we are anticipating good news tomorrow. On the other hand he’s lost his Health Minister and will undoubtedly be grilled by the resident journalists at the presser.Could he announce the replacement Health Minister?

-Ol’ Northie

Definitely a suit day today for Dan!

-Crystal Ball

 Dan will for sure be in a suit at this presser after 12 on the weekend. Not because it’s bad corona news, but because it’s bad political news for him, what with the fallout from the enquiry yesterday and Jenny Mikakos’ resignation.

-Fashion Commentator

 Even a suit wouldn’t be unexpected given what has happened this weekend. But if it’s a suit and tie….

-Suit vs Jacket

 How many days since the North Face has made an appearance? Cmon Dan, bring in that pinch hitter!

-No suits Saturday

 He’ll be wearing the full kit today. Suit plus tie. Lost another minister. North Face benched yet again 🙁

-North Face Appreciation Society

 I think he will be wearing a spray jacket as the case numbers didn’t rise but I also think he will wear a suit if he’s announcing something so I’m not sure


It’s a pretty serious day which makes me think suit. But it’s also quite chilly which leads me to the NorthFace….so hard!!

-Tough call

It’ll be a suit.


2hhours agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 3:29am

By Nicholas McElroy

NSW Health Minister says Andrews’ finger pointing ‘lacks logic’

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard said he was sorry to see Jenny Mikakos resign, but criticised the Premier’s statement that she was responsible for the hotel quarantine program.

“Premier Andrews assertion that the Health Minister was responsible for the Quarantine system lacks logic. How could a Health Minister direct Police to be involved?” he said on Twitter.



By Leonie Thorne

2hhours agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 3:14am

By Nicholas McElroy

Checking in on neighbours part 2. Can we get info on how Indonesia is going?



Indonesia has recorded more than 266,000 cases and 10,218 COVID-19 deaths. But there have been some concerns about testing.


Here is a recent update, looking at the island of Bali in particular: 





2hhours agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 3:01am

By Jacqueline Howard

That’s it from me

Thank you so much for being along for the ride today. Nick will be by your side when Daniel Andrews speaks at an as yet unconfirmed time this afternoon. 



On this morning’s Milo talk, a tonne of you wrote in recommending the Milo Dinosaur, which is popular in Singapore and Malaysia. I would also highly recommend.   

And it looks like we have our first episode of the Blogchelor show:


Re The Blogchelor; no idea, but Sophie for host. Btw, where is she?

-Love for the OG!

I think bloggers should be matched up on how they like their milo. A Comparable Milo Consumption is my tip for lining up a future date. Won’t really make for exciting tv dates though… although, potential conflict… “You like HOW many spoons?!”

-Lege Feliciter

I reckon Jacqui would give Bridget a rose

-Osher Gunsberg

Danni and James for a dinner date. She’d order the food and he’d ask it how it felt to be eaten.

-Team DJ

Deffs send Doyle on a reality TV date, maybe with long lost Bridget? I’m sure we could send a search party for the good of entertainment

-Doyle fan

 And an excellent challenge idea here:

I’m thinking less of a Bachelor-style reality show, and more of a Survivor-style show. One challenge includes having to transcript a Dandrews presser, if you don’t do it quickly enough you get slimed.

-reality tv show ideas

2hhours agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 2:58am

By Nicholas McElroy

Suit or spray jacket?  


Dan better not be wearing a suit after 12? Suits on the weekend after 12 are usually bad news

-Dan Fan


What is everyone feeling? 



2hhours agoSatSaturday 26 SepSeptember 2020 at 2:51am

By Nicholas McElroy

Checking in on some neighbours   Could we get some international updates while we are waiting? How’s PNG faring? Timor?



New Zealand has reported one new case of coronavirus today, according to the NZ Ministry of Health. 


The case is a man aged in his 30s who arrived in New Zealand on 21 September from Russia via the United Arab Emirates. He is in hotel quarantine.


Papua New Guinea has recorded one new case today, a 21-year-old from a suburb just north of Port Moresby, according to Radio New Zealand. The country has so far recorded 532 cases. 


Fiji last recorded a case of COVID-19 on September 8. The case was from a repatriation flight. Fiji has recorded 32 cases.

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