People in Soho, London, ahead of the 10pm curfew pubs and restaurants are subject to in order to combat the rise in coronavirus cases in England.

A three-tier lockdown could see tougher restrictions imposed in England if lower level measures fail to bring coronavirus cases under control, according to reports.

A leaked document – seen by The Guardian – revealed the most severe measures under the traffic light-style scheme would involve the closure of all hospitality businesses, including bars, and the banning of all social contact between households. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned 90 per cent of the world may still be “at risk” from Covid-19 as roughly only 10 per cent of the global population has been infected, according to its “best estimates”. 

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Wales considering introducing quarantine restrictions on people travelling from some parts of UK

Chiara Giordano5 October 2020 15:12


90% of world ‘still at risk’

Roughly one in 10 people worldwide may have been infected by the coronavirus, according to the World Health Organisation’s “best estimates”.

Dr Michael Ryan,  WHO’s head of emergencies, said the figures vary from urban to rural, and between different groups, but that ultimately it means “the vast majority of the world remains at risk”.

Chiara Giordano5 October 2020 14:52


Extra contact tracers have been brought in to help track down the contacts of people whose positive tests went unreported last week.

In addition, the prime minister’s spokesman said the number of call attempts was being increased from 10 to 15 to ensure as many contacts as possible were traced.

He said decisions on local lockdowns had not been affected by the unreported cases, and that the government stood ready to “take further action” if required.

Chiara Giordano5 October 2020 14:25


‘Technical issue with transfer of data’

Downing Street has said the failure to report thousands of positive Covid-19 tests last week in England was the result of “issues relating to the transfer of data” between organisations.

The PM’s official spokesman said there had been a “technical issue” involving NHS Test and Trace and Public Health England (PHE).

The spokesman said work was under way to alert people who had been in contact with those individuals who had tested positive.

Asked if the PM still had confidence in the head of NHS Test and Trace, Baroness Harding, the spokesman said: “He does, yes.”

Chiara Giordano5 October 2020 14:05


PM’s latest rules blunder

This is slightly awkward…

The prime minister has got his own coronavirus rules wrong again, this time claiming people who self-isolate will receive £500 each week.

In fact, only a single £500 payment is made to people who are told to stay at home and who cannot work – and it is only paid to low-earners.

Chiara Giordano5 October 2020 13:41


Coronavirus has infected 10 per cent of world population, WHO expert estimates

One in 10 of the global population may have been infected with coronavirus, a World Health Organisation expert has said. Samuel Osborne reports:

Jane Dalton5 October 2020 13:23


White House still optimistic Trump can leave hospital today

Donald Trump’s condition continued to improve overnight, and the White House is optimistic that he will leave hospital later on Monday, Fox News reported, citing a statement from White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Mr Meadows said he had spoken with President Trump earlier on Monday morning, and that the president would meet with his medical team later to assess his condition, Fox reported.

Jane Dalton5 October 2020 13:21


Cineworld confirms temporary closure of cinemas

Jane Dalton5 October 2020 13:17


Quarantine: UK now five times above its ‘high risk’ threshold for travel

The infection rate is now over five times above the “high-risk” threshold used by the government to decide the no-go list for British travellers. Simon Calder has analysed the figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Jane Dalton5 October 2020 13:13


Actors protest at ‘lack of government support’

Jennifer Saunders joined colleagues for a ‘silent stand’ outside the Gielgud Theatre, London, in support with those in the UK theatre industry who have lost their jobs and received no government support(Getty Images)

Jane Dalton5 October 2020 13:02

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