The first comments from our Zoom audience

Karen Hill, Greater Manchester

I live in Greater Manchester and I can’t believe we are not on Tier 3 level. How is it “save our NHS” when we continue to keep our hospitality sector open? 

I have shielded for months and it is frightening to see the rapid increase of cases. Boris, you are the prime minister and make the decisions – lock us down, please. People are dying and you can’t take chances with people’s lives. 

Nadia Saleh, Derby

I was working from home during lockdown and home-schooling my 8-year-old with a
3-year-old who always wanted to join in! Our favourite event was our
homemade sports day. 

Thankfully, no one in our household caught the virus but we did
miss having family over on Eid day. We are still cautious over the virus
and we try our best to limit any time our children have spent in shops; we have
not been out for a meal as a family.

The one thing that my children have enjoyed is the return of
swimming lessons and after school hobbies and we will keep this up as much as
our tier classification of “lockdown” allows. 

Tricia McKinlay, Edinburgh

As hard as it is, we need to implement a second
national lockdown for a minimum of three weeks. I know that will be
unbearably hard for some people and the economy will for sure suffer.
Governments need to provide realistic means to support and protect the economy,
low income workers and our wonderful NHS.

People are dying. Let’s be very clear about
this. Our behaviours are costing lives.

I’ve lost friends to this horrendous pandemic. I
don’t want to lose anyone else.

Glyn Davies, Bridgend

I agree with the Welsh national lockdown, because our local Welsh lockdowns haven’t brought infection rates down. To be honest, my wife and I aren’t looking forward to staying apart from family, and having our church close again, but we need to accept these things because our local hospitals have started struggling again recently.

I do feel for businesses which have to close again; it’s very hard for them. But I think that if the lockdown were to be delayed for the sake of the economy, we’d end up being forced into a much longer lockdown when the virus was too far out of control. That would be even worse for businesses and jobs. So I think the action should be sooner and shorter, rather than later and longer. That’s better for public health, and it’s better for the economy and jobs as well.

Israel Rodriquez Freire, Ourense, Spain

Right now, here in Ourense we have a local/partial lockdown,
so that we are not allowed to leave the city unless it’s for medical or work
reasons. We cannot meet people we are not living with. 

Pubs and clubs
have been closed since August, and bars and restaurants can only serve take
away food, or in the outside area/terrace (if they have one), to no more than five people per table. Today, the active cases figures are finally going down,
but in some areas such as Castilla y Leon or Catalunya, it’s the other way round.

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