Melburnians are waking to their final day of one of the world’s strictest coronavirus lockdowns after finally overcoming a second wave of the virus.From 11.59pm today, millions across Victoria will enjoy new freedoms — but they come with a warning to abide by the restrictions that remain in order to avoid new outbreaks.There will be no more restrictions on the need to leave home. However, the 25km travel limit and the border between regional Victoria and Greater Melbourne will stay in place. (Getty)

“We haven’t had a zero case for a very long time, we haven’t had a zero-case day,” Mr Andrews said.

“And why it’s emotional today is because people have given a lot, people have done amazing things.”

The decision came after the announcement of zero new cases and zero new deaths for Victoria on Monday morning, the first time since June 5 and 9.

“Now is the time to open up, now is the time to congratulate every single Victorian for staying the course,” Mr Andrews said.

He said the success “belongs to every single Victorian. Every single Victorian who’s followed the rules, stayed the course, worked with me and my team to bring this second wave to an end.

From 11.59pm, some of the major changes are:

End to Melbourne lockdown – how the Third Step will roll out in Victoria

Families are set to discover today how they will be allowed to reconnect, with the idea of household bubbles seemingly scrapped.

“We don’t want to do a bubble because we think that can be particularly confusing,” Mr Andrews said.

“The most dangerous environment for the spread of this virus is in your home.”

Home visits will need to be treated with caution and care, the premier said, with many recent outbreaks believed to have come from peoples’ homes.

“People let their guard down. People are really happy to see each other. It is not formal, it is not like going to a cafe or going to a restaurant where someone is serving you, where you are sitting a certain distance away,” Mr Andrews said.

“There are only so many tables in the restaurant. The place is all cleaned to industrial standards.

“We will have rules tomorrow that will allow people to reconnect with those that they have missed the most.”

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