<p>Joe Biden delivers press conference about Covid-19 response</p>

Attorney General Bill Barr has authorised Department of Justice prosecutors to investigation claims of voter fraud in the US election. The decision, announced in a DOJ memo, contradicts longstanding practices of the department staying out of election processes. 

The investigation comes as election officials in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania have all defended their processes over the last week. An election official in Georgia, a Republican, said if any voter fraud were to be found it would be minimal. This comes as President-elect Joe Biden’s lead in Georgia has grown to more than 11,000 votes. 

Mr BIden held his first policy speech on Monday that focused on the coronavirus pandemic. In the speech, he implored Americans to wear a mask due to fears an additional 200,000 people could die in the country from the novel virus. 

Earlier that day, Mr Biden praised scientists working on Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, which was shown to be 90-per cent effective, but warned the jab will not be in play for months yet. 

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DOJ official steps down over election probes

Just hours after Donald Trump’s attorney general William Barr authorised probes into claims of voter fraud, the top federal investigator of election crimes in the US has resigned.

Here’s the full story on Richard Pilger’s bombshell resignation, revealed in an email to DOJ staff that was highly critical of the Trump campaign and Barr:

Adam Withnall10 November 2020 06:07


Lindsey Graham complains mail-in voting doesn’t help Republicans

Senator Lindsey Graham went on Fox News and told Sean Hannity that they needed to get rid of mail-in voting as it did not favour the GOP.

Graeme Massie10 November 2020 03:00


Trump’s Arizona lawsuit involves just 200 ballots

Republican challenge in Maricopa County involves a very small amount of “incorrectly rejected” ballots, according to a report.

GOP officials will get to put their case before a judge later this week but observers say it will not have any impact on the state’s election results.

Graeme Massie10 November 2020 02:54


Trump’s refusal to concede impacting national security, says report

Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election to Joe Biden has already had national security implications, according to the New York Times.

President-elect Biden has been unable to receive the presidential daily briefing and it is unclear if his team has access to classified information.

Graeme Massie10 November 2020 02:46


Top DOJ official quits over Barr election ‘fraud’ probe

The move came after attorney general Bill Barr gave federal prosecutors authority to investigate voter fraud claims.

Justice Department official in charge of voter fraud, Richard Pilger resigned within an hour of the announcement.

Graeme Massie10 November 2020 02:41


Biden team calls for government agency to recognise Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Graeme Massie10 November 2020 02:06


How much longer will electoral college last?

Graeme Massie10 November 2020 01:45


Congresswoman attacks Barr’s election probe

Seattle congresswoman Pramila Jayapal became one of the first to attack AG Bill Barr’s election probe.

Graeme Massie10 November 2020 00:35


Is the election actually over?

On Saturday, major media organisations projected that Joe Biden will become the next president of the US. The announcement prompted celebrations in the streets from Mr Biden’s supporters and – for some – a collective sigh of relief that the five-day election had finally come to a close.  

While the marathon press coverage, constant Twitter refreshing, and frenzied mathematics of NBC’s Steve Kornacki may be finished, there is still a sizeable group of Americans who believe the election is far from over.

Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters believe the president still has a pathway to electoral victory through legal challenges meant to disqualify massive numbers of votes. Mr Trump alleges the votes in question have been cast illegally.  

So who is right? Is the election over? Are Mr Trump’s supporters in denial? Are Mr Biden’s supporters being naive?  

Graig Graziosi has on what’s to come with the 2020 election: 

Danielle Zoellner9 November 2020 23:53


Biden aide deletes tweet suggesting team may have hostile attitude towards Facebook

One of Joe Biden’s top campaign advisors posted and swiftly deleted a tweet suggesting that his incoming administration may be on track for a hostile relationship with Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in particular.

The tweet, first reported by The Financial Times, was posted on Saturday by Bill Russo, a Deputy Communications Director for Biden’s campaign press team, according to the newspaper.

The top aide retweeted a post from Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen which featured a photo of Mr Trump and Zuckerberg shaking hands accompanied by a caption, reading: “One down. One to go.”

Louise Hall has the full report: 

Danielle Zoellner9 November 2020 23:43

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