Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday said India has fought against the coronavirus pandemic despite several roadblocks and lack of resources as it contained the spread of Covid-19 and strengthened the health infrastructure through the Make In India mission.

“From mass production of masks and sanitiser in the country to develop the coronavirus vaccine, the people of India worked day and night to fight against the pandemic,” PM Modi said while addressing the 18th convocation ceremony of Assam’s Tezpur University virtually. “Our Covid-19 management showed where there are resolve and resilience, resources come naturally,” he said.

The Prime Minister said India is not afraid of working on experiments for solving problems. “The world’s largest banking inclusion campaign is ongoing in India. The world’s largest toilet building, house-providing, clean-drinking water providing and vaccination drive is in India,” he said.

He said that the student’s learning and knowledge will boost the nation’s progress. “It is an auspicious day for the graduating students. The name of Tezpur University has been added forever in your professional journey. Everything that you have learned in this university will help accelerate the development of the nation,” he added.

PM Modi innumerable people from Assam have contributed to the nation’s freedom struggle. “Several people had sacrificed their lives, their youth. Now you have to live for New India, Aatmanirbhar India,” he urged the students.

PM Modi said that the grassroots innovations of the students add impetus to ‘vocal for local’. He added that the department of chemical sciences in the university has worked towards an easy and affordable technology for clean drinking water which has helped many villages in Guwahati and other states. “These innovations are helping in solving local problems and thus, opening new doors towards development. They have helped in accelerating and empowering the ‘Har Ghar Jal’ mission,” he added.

PM Modi also said the effect of converting waste into energy is massive. “Remains of crops have been a big challenge for both our farmers and the environment. The work that you are doing on a technology related to bio-gas and organic fertilisers can solve a major problem of India,” he added.

He said Tezpur University is working towards conservating the biodiversity and rich heritage of the northeastern region. “They are documenting the languages of the tribal community; this is an appreciable work,” he added. Lauding the students, PM Modi said, “Young generation of New India has a zeal of fighting with the troubles with great enthusiasm.”

He said that new technology has helped in the development of the nation. “It is even possible that someday a whole university will be virtual and its functioning will be online where students and faculty from anywhere in the world can connect together,” PM Modi added.

Talking about the New Education Policy, PM Modi said that it strengthens the nation’s education policy for data analysis, which would help the process of admission, teaching and evaluation. “I am sure Tezpur University will play a major role in realizing these goals of the New Educational Policy 2020,” he added.

PM Modi also praised the Indian cricket team for their victory against Australia at the Gabba in Brisbane. He said the performance by the players also teaches us big life lessons. “Everyone should take risks without the fear of failure. Self-confidence is a key to success,” he said.

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