NEW DELHI: Turnout for Covid vaccination slightly improved on Saturday with 53.1% people turning up to get the shots across 179 vaccination centres spread all over the capital. 9510 people out of 17900 turned out to get the shots including many frontline healthcare workers.
The overall number of people – healthcare workers and frontline workers – who have been vaccinated against coronavirus crossed 1,09,000. The vaccination of frontline healthcare workers started on full-scale from Saturday after vaccinating the frontline healthcare workers on pilot basis for two days.
District Magistrate of several districts came forward to get themselves vaccinated to set an example. South West CM Naveen Agarwal, North district DM Isha Khosla, West district DM Neha Bansal, North West district DM Chestha Yadav, North East district DM Pankaj Kumar were among the DMs who got the shots. IAS officer G Sudhakar also took the Covid shot.
The move by the bureaucrats is all set to inspire those working under them and others as they did not report any adverse events and have urged frontline workers and healthcare workers to get the shots. The district administrators reposed their faith in the vaccines and sought to inspire confidence in the general public regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.
Several police personnel, who have remained on the frontline during the Covid pandemic, came forward for vaccination.
Turnout for Covid vaccination remained low despite bureaucrats turning up for the shots. The overall turnout was 50% a day before. Only nine adverse events were reported on Saturday, three less than the total adverse events reported on Friday.
The number of vaccination centres reduced on Saturday by 5 because of some technical reason. An official said some of the 184 vaccination centres did not function because of lack of staff and other requirements.
In the first phase vaccine will be given to 51 lakh people including 2.5 lakh healthcare workers, 6 lakh frontline workers, and over 42 lakh people either above 50 years of age or below 50 but with co-morbidities who have been kept in the priority group. The overall progress of vaccination is slow and with this pace the exercise to cover 51 lakh people will take a longer time.
A health department official said that the turnout percentage was expected to go further up on Saturday because the vaccination of frontline workers was started on a full-scale. “The protest by farmers which required the deployment of more police personnel on the ground may have an impact on the turnout,” the official added. It is also believed that the rush for the vaccine is lower than expected due to the plummeting percentage of Covid infection. Overall, the current infection rate in Delhi is 0.19% and hence many people are getting complacent and don’t want to rush for the jab.

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