A woman hosting a party in breach of coronavirus rules answered the door to police in her dressing gown – only to be caught out by her earrings and fake eyelashes.

Bodycam video footage shows officers knock on the door of the property in Kings Norton, Birmingham at 12.30am on Friday.

They were called to the scene after reports that a house party inside was being live streamed on social media, West Midlands Police said.

A woman is seen answering the door in a white dressing gown after turning out all the lights and turning the music down.

Despite trying to pretend nothing is happening, one officer asks her: “Do you usually wear earrings to bed?”

Another jokes: “Do you always sleep in tights?”

After pointing out she was also wearing fake eyelashes, the officers entered the property to find at least 14 people inside.

“Hello everyone, home time, unless you want a COVID fine,” one is heard saying in the clip.

Officers found at least 14 people inside the property in Kings Norton, Birmingham. Pic: West Midlands Police

Some guests were allowed to leave the property as they agreed to go home, but three were arrested after two officers were assaulted.

Attending illegal gatherings during the coronavirus lockdown carries a fine of between £200 and £10,000.

In separate footage from the Erdington area of Birmingham the same evening, bodycam video shows officers breaking up a party of more than 50 people.

Another party in the Erdington area of Birmingham had more than 50 guests inside. Pic: West Midlands Police

They were called to the scene after reports came in of several people arriving in taxis.

When they went inside they found the room had been soundproofed and was kitted out with a DJ, alcohol and Class A drugs.

Around 50 people were fined and the suspected organiser was arrested after refusing to give their details.

Police also found Class A drugs at the premises in Erdington. Pic: West Midlands Police

They now face a £10,000 fine.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Todd said: “Our officers don’t get any enjoyment out of spoiling people’s fun. They are simply trying to keep people safe and reduce the spread of the virus.

“Where one person might be asymptomatic with the virus, the next might become seriously ill or worse.

Officers found the room had been soundproofed. Pic: West Midlands Police

“People who go to these events need to know that they could be spreading the disease without knowing it, or even picking it up while they are out and then bringing it home to loved ones.

“These breaches are likely to prolong the duration of this pandemic for everyone.”

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