3 Easy Ways to Sift, Store & Use Compost Worm Castings From Your Worm Bins | Vermicompost Worm Farm

3 Easy Ways to Sift, Store & Use Compost Worm Castings From Your Worm Bins | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Gardening Techniques From A – Z

The title of this gardening article would suggest that I am going to write about gardening technique starting from A and going right through to Z, in actual fact I could not find any techniques beginning with the letter A or in fact any beginning with half of the alphabet. But the title looks better like that. So play along please, I am sure that there will be enough within to keep you occupied in the garden.

Gardening – Tools And Equipment

Walk around a large garden centre or DIY superstore in spring and you will be confronted by a large assortment of gardening tools and equipment. You could be excused for thinking that the number of different types of gardening tools must have increased in recent years – but you would be wrong.

Saving Water Using Garden Watering Systems

Using the proper garden watering systems for your area not only saves on the amount of water used but money also. Garden watering systems that are aimed directly at the plants roots will help insure a healthy landscape and garden.

Flymo Multimo 360XC Review

My Choice for the best all round Lawn Mower with Collection? Without doubt it’s the Flymo Multimo 360XC. I’ve done all the research, scoured the web, visited my local hardware stores to check out all the competition and I found that the 360XC ticked all the boxes.

Types, Families and Categories of Orchids

All plants are investments in our lives and our living environments. Caring for orchids in particular is not as difficult as we tend to believe. However, it is a good idea to have some knowledge of the various types of orchids that exist today. They enhance our surroundings and share with us their beauty; so why not know a little more about them? Learning about the history of something can be extremely interesting especially if you have an interest in the subject.

Cold Frames for Your Allotment and Veg Plot

Cold frames are the unsung heroes of allotments, veg plots and gardens. Whilst the upmarket and expensive greenhouse grabs the headlines (along with that comfy old chair, stack of gardening magazines and full tea-brewing paraphernalia) the hardworking, unassuming cold frame pays back its owner hundreds of times over and asks for little in return. Where a greenhouse could be compared to a pampered pedigree pooch demanding attention at every turn, a cold frame is an undemanding, loyal, no nonsense friend. Every garden should have one.

The Benefits Of A Grow Panel Inside Your House

Let there be light! Light provides the nutrients a plant needs in order to save and create energy; without light, a plant will die or will never reach its full mature state. When a plant collects little light, it may only be able to mature to a sprout or even worse not mature at all and die. Light is important, but outdoor plants often incur the effects of rainstorms, cold winters and even insects that eat away at the leaves. However, outdoor growers or horticulturists can move their small gardens and place them beneath LED grow panels to provide the essential light plants may not receive during winter.

Honda FG315 Mid-Size Cultivator

If you are a keen vegetable grower, the Honda FG315 cultivator could be just the machine for you. Whether you grow in your garden at home or on an allotment, you will appreciate the extra capacity for work that the FG315 offers.

What All Gardeners Need to Know About Caring for Roses

Roses are elegant, they’re colorful, and there exquisitely beautiful, but unfortunately many people tend to be under the impression that roses are difficult to take care of. I’m sure that there are many people out there who feel this way although I can guarantee you if you make a point of learning the basics, then caring for roses is not very difficult at all.

Ground Maintenance Company – A Perfect Guide for Your Gardening

You may be an all rounder, but it will be wise to call an expert when you are in need of a perfect solution. When you are aspiring for a customized look in your garden, you need to call the experts for it. If you are smart enough to get a finest look for your outdoor arena then ground maintenance companies can provide you the necessary support.

Winter Protection for Dahlias – Care and Maintenance for Ongoing Colour

Dahlias are a fantastic plant for any garden, providing a huge array of gorgeous blooms in the summer and early autumn. However, if you simply throw tubers into a border you’ll often find they don’t succeed due to slug and snail damage. A bit of care at this early growing stage is vital, and growing plants on in pots until they have a reasonable root ball and plenty of leaves is vital. They can then be planted out into a border, deadheaded occasionally, and kept flowering throughout the season.

Suggestions for New Gardeners

Many gardeners have been growing vegetables and flower for many years. Today there are many new gardeners wishing to start their own gardens for vegetables and herbs and do not how to begin.

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