3 Week Old Worm Bin And Already So Many Cocoons!!!! My First Worm Bin Ever! Vermicomposting!

Choosing The Right Plant Container To Fit A Specific Theme

Choosing a plant container that fits your needs can be a challenging experience at times. There are two things to keep in mind when choosing a container, they need to fit the look your are trying to achieve and be practical at the same time. These containers or planting pots can be ones that you purchase at the local garden center, online, or ones that you personally create from unique items you have on hand, and convert them into a container for planting.

Pest Control The Natural Way

Many people view pests in the garden as one of the worst things in the world, as soon as insects are spotted they go running for the pests aside. This is probably the biggest mistake anyone can make and you should never head for the poison. There will always be insects and they will always be in your garden and if you spray them you will be doing more harm.

How To Create and Care For Juniper Bonsai

You have seen the little juniper bonsais in the mall or the home store – and you have resisted buying one, because they are expensive, or because they are difficult to care for, or due to the fear of it dying. There is a way you can have a beautiful Juniper bonsai, for only a small amount of money, and you can learn to care for it and keep it healthy, without fear of your treasure getting sick or dying, just by following the tips below.

Tree Care – Raising Them Well

Trees are everywhere around us. They provide us with water, shade and fresh air. Besides, they also give us fruits and flowers. They do not only beautiful our planet buy also they keep the environment fresh and clean. You will see that a tree lined with road is always cooler.

Sun Systems Grow Lights Offer Quality And Innovation

For those in the indoors horticultural and hydroponics business, Sun Systems is most likely a very familiar name. Sun Systems Grow Lights are one of the leading manufacturers of grow lights, both in the US and globally. Base in Portland, Oregon, the company has supplying the indoor horticultural industry for many years now.

Growing Strawberries Indoors

Indoor gardening can be an enjoyable experience if you have the proper light requirements and a good potting soil design for the specific plants you want to grow. Strawberries are a great choice for growing indoors. They can be planter in window boxes, hanging planters in a window or in a container of your choice.

Compost Pile – Quick Tips

I am convinced that composting is the number one thing you can do as a home vegetable gardener that is beneficial for your soil and plants. Adding good quality compost to your soil helps with drainage, nutrients in the soil and so many other things. Along with the soil benefits you can also take a lot of organic material that would otherwise find its way into a landfill and actually put it to good use.

Orchid Fragrance

Frequently, people are disappointed when they cannot detect the fragrance of an orchid that has a reputation for its sweet scent. There are many variables in this mystery of flower fragrance, and scent can be elusive. Some orchids smell strongest for only a few hours in the morning while others, especially the night-pollinated varieties, only yield their alluring scent in the evening. If the flowers are normally fragrant in the day, they usually reach their peak of fragrance when it is warm and in the mid part of the day. Cold, gloomy days put a damper on fragrance. If it is very humid, scent tends to hang in the air longer.

Glass Greenhouse Benefits

When thinking about having a greenhouse, consider the glass greenhouses. They have certain advantages over the other types that can be used. If you are undecided as to which model of one of these structures you are going to use, then stay tune, we will be discussing the benefits to one made from glass.

Strawberry Planters – Adding A Unique Accent To Your Landscape Gardens

Strawberry planters are a great way to brighten up any landscape garden. They are a crop that has a short growing season require very little space when grown in containers. They are ideal for growing when you only have limited space to work with.

The Real Dirt On Soil

There are a lot of people who look down at spot of bare earth and say look at that patch of dirt. A true gardener looks down and sees instead an opportunity to transform that patch of dirt into a wonderful garden. The important thing is to understand what you are really looking at. Dirt is truly not a very descriptive name for a bustling and thriving ecosystem with millions of micro organisms, invertebrates, and vertebrates crawling around in it.

A Peek Into The Art Of Bonsai Gardening

Bonsai is what some would call an art form which involves growing plants and trees to desired shape and size. The concept goes back to twelfth century Japan, and it is still practiced widely throughout the world. It allows a person to explore their creative skills, but most important of all, it will give you endless amounts of joy to do bonsai gardening. If you are into gardening, then learning how to do bonsai style of gardening is definitely worth putting on a resume.

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