55 Gallon Worm Bin Harvest, Feed, Measure, Gnat Management

All About Pruning Roses

Pruning rose bushes and shrubs is an important gardening technique to help ensure healthy and beautiful roses all summer long. The plants should be pruned once a year, but you will likely do at least two light prunings annually. There are many different ways to prune them; however, the Easy Care technique is the easiest and applicable to many situations. Perhaps the most important part about pruning is the time of year it is done.

How to Repot Orchids Without Killing Them

Knowing when and how to repot your orchids is a critical to the long term health of all your orchids. Get the facts to do it right.

Attracting Natural Insect Predators to Control Garden Pests

One of the reasons that we like to grow our own vegetables, apart from the great flavours of fresh home-grown produce, is that we can control what pesticides go onto them. Most of us do not like the thought of eating vegetables bought out of the supermarket which have been sprayed with all kinds of chemicals that are not good for our health. Luckily nature has developed its own very effective system for controlling pests.

Italian Herb Garden Basics – The 6 Best Herbs to Try

  When it comes to building yourself an Italian herb garden, it is relatively simple. Once you know the herbs that you are going to use for your garden, you are ready to grow. With the right Italian herb garden basics you can create a sustainable and long lasting garden that can deliver endless possibilities.

The Basics of Herb Gardening Kits

When it comes to growing herbs at home, many of us have looked into herb gardening kits. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Knowing the right type of kit for you is the best way to start your herb garden at home.

Growing Orchids at Home – A Few Quick and Easy Tips for Beginners

We all assume you have to be a professional grower to obtain the gorgeous collection of exotic orchids, but it is not true. Anyone can successfully grow their own patch of orchids with the right orchid growing tips.

The Benefits of Starting an Herb Garden at Home

Many of us have thought of starting an herb garden, but why? What are the benefits exactly? By knowing the benefits of growing and maintaining your own herbs, you may find yourself inspired to begin.

How to Use Orchids in Your Wedding

Orchids are the perfect wedding flower. They are aromatic, elegant, and sophisticated. Knowing how to choose the right orchid and incorporate them into your wedding is key for that special day!

Incense Burner Box

Incense has been around for literally thousands of years and was used in ancient times for healing and sacred purposes. The aromas of different incense can produce distinct feelings or relieve stress. In the history of Christianity, frankincense was a popular choice for ceremonies and was considered very valuable incense.

Highly Scented Candles

You can use highly scented candles in many areas of your house. These candles give more than just ambiance with their soft light they also add aroma into the air. This scent can help mask cooking, smoking, and pet odors along with others, which can make the air smell unsavory.

Bamboo Water Fountains

When deciding what features you should have in your home and garden there are many things to consider. You will need to look at your taste and budget and decide what would look good amongst your other items. Bamboo water fountains can make a huge difference to the way your garden looks and feels they are an amazing feature to own.

Guardian Angel Suncatcher

When it comes to gift giving, you always want your gift to be special and of course, this can be time consuming. One gift that is perfect for many occasions is a guardian angel suncatcher because they come in a variety of styles and are beautiful with the stained glass and many are hand painted. Additionally, an angel suncatcher makes a great gift for numerous occasions for both adults and children.

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