Watering Your Green Roof

While an intensive green roof will obviously require much more work to maintain than will an extensive green roof, simply by virtue of the variety of plants and other structures, the extensive green roof is not maintenance free. The extent of the work that will be required will depend on the climate and weather in your area, the kinds of plants growing on your roof, and the medium used for planting.

Create a Mini-Garden in Your Apartment With Cedar Wood

Looking at the beautiful and colorful flowers growing healthy in your garden will somehow give you certain feeling to help you feel relax. Thus, most homeowners always want to have a garden full of beautiful flowers no matter how wide or narrow the vacant lot available for garden.

A Little Information on Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes have become very popular with the people living in the United States. They were first manufactured in Germany but gained more popularity in the United States. They are usually kept in the yard during Christmas, but because they make such attractive garden display they are kept out throughout the year. They are available in different postures and sizes. This smiley old man can make you garden look more beautiful and is a very good accessory.

Best Tomatoes To Grow – The Selection Process

There a lot of fruits out there that can become a good source of livelihood for people. One of them are tomatoes. These little critters are known for their rich flavor and their use as ingredients in food both local and foreign. You look at spaghetti sauce and some salads and pretty soon you will find out that they have a part of them that is tomato based.

Seven Reasons to Start Vegetable Garden Planning

First vegetable garden planning simplifies a complicated process. A simple garden plan will guard against overwhelm. Vegetable garden planning combats winter blues.

Things You Need To Know About Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is something that can make your garden look spectacular. The concept of garden lighting is not at all complicated. It is actually the outdoor lighting installed in the garden. A perfect garden lighting transforms the overall look of your house particularly during the nighttime.

Proper Care Must Be Taken When Growing Oriental Poppies and Transplanting Them

You can either grow them from seeds or simply look for Oriental poppies for sale that are already grown. Either way the delicate procedure of transplanting Oriental poppies must be done correctly to preserve the life and beauty of this unique plant.

Six Reasons to Start Seeds Indoors

Whether you’ve grown a vegetable garden for years, or are just starting out, there are many good reasons to start your seeds indoors (instead of buying plants). It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are eight great reasons to try it this year…

Tips for Watering and Maintaining a Home Herb Garden

When it comes to planting an herb garden in or outside of your home, there are many things to consider. However, overall, it can be a very fulfilling experience. While it is true that each herb requires different steps to keep it healthy and growing, the way to find that information is so simple, and the steps required are not too difficult.

What Roses Need To Grow

The aim of this article is to provide some tips to help with successful rose growing. It will look specifically at what roses need to grow into healthy, beautiful displays.

Green Manure – Protect Soil From Rain

Heavy rains can be very destructive to a garden’s soil structure when not protected. Cover crops soften the pounding that occurs with heavy rainfall on the soil, reducing compaction and the loss of nitrates that leach from the soil. There are different nitrogen fixing green manures like alfalfa, and winter rye that grow quickly and breakdown easily to improve the soils structure.

Attracting Birds to Your Garden – Choosing the Right Bird Nest Box

Tips on choosing the right bird nest box to attract different birds species to your garden and recommended places to site the nest box. Birds need a protected nesting place to roost and rear their young and providing a nest box can increase their chances of survival.

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