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Water Conservation in the Garden – Tips For Drought

Possibly one of the worst parts of any gardeners year is when, after putting in hard work and graft, our beautiful plants are devastated by weeks of drought. Vibrant plants quickly start to look sad and brown and before we know it the summer season’s had more severe consequences that any frost ever did. For this reason it’s vitally important to ensure that plants have enough water to keep growing, but in this modern day of climate change and environmentally friendly perceptions standing in the garden with a hose for an hour, or using a sprinkler system throughout the day, is often against personal standards.

3 Reasons You Need to Maintain and Water Your Lawn

Ever day-dream about how you could possibly maintain and water your lawn? That exact same thought has occurred to plenty of people.L

The Resourceful Weed

Some weeds are tall. Walking through a patch of wild lettuce or great ragweed in midsummer is almost like hacking your way through a jungle. In good soil wild lettuce may be 7 feet high, while great ragweed looms 15 feet above the ground.

How Much Water is Enough For Rose Planting?

In order for roses to grow to their fullest bloom and produce flowers that last long and are full of color and substance, they need water. If you live in an area where it rains steadily, you still may need to give your roses supplemental water. It may not rain deep enough or frequently enough for the roses to survive and grow.

Weeds – A Gardener’s Worst Enemy

Have you ever known a boy who always manages to be first in line? Instead of waiting his turn, he pushes ahead to grab the first hot dog at a picnic or the best seat in the auditorium. Instead of sharing with his neighbors, he takes the biggest helping of ice cream or the last cookie on the plate.

Copper Rain Chains – An Eco-Friendly Accessory Which Adds Elegance to Your House

A copper rain chain is an accessory which is proved to be eco-friendly for the surroundings of your house. Copper is considered as the Eco friendly device as copper keeps the user away from rusting as it does not react with water to form rust.

Getting Rid of Pond Algae

Algae in ponds cannot be totally eliminated but they can be controlled using several treatments. This article reveals some of the best methods in controlling algae.

Feeding Routine Care

Some trees and shrubs need regular maintenance to produce their best displays. Pruning is the main task, but there are a few other important techniques worth carrying out. Trees and shrubs are often fed with bone meal at planting time but, once established, feeding should not be necessary except in a few special circumstances. If your soil is very poor or free draining give an annual application of a general fertilizer around each plant in spring.

Why Use LED Grow Lights For Indoor Gardening?

This article will explain the uses of a new technology for growing plants indoors. It produces no heat and will reduce your power consumption. This is the perfect blend of technology and nature.

Planting a Hedge

Hedges are planted in the same way as other trees and shrubs. Instead of making a planting hole for each plant, however, you simply prepare the planting trench for the whole hedge in one go. Bear in mind that this will be hard work, especially on heavy soils. In the autumn, when weather and soil conditions allow, dig over a strip three feet wide, double digging down its entire length.

The Weediest Weeds of All

The weediest weeds of all, the weeds that travel from coast to coast and from continent to continent, are those with the best methods of scattering their seeds. Some get there first with the most. They produce seeds early and often.

How to Grow Healthy Orchids by Using Orchid Lights

Orchids need a specific type of light for a certain number of hours. If they do not receive sufficient light, they will not thrive, and will probably die. Tips on how you can give your orchids what they need, and the orchids will reward you with dazzling blooms for many weeks.

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