African Night Crawlers Compost Worms Ate EVERYTHING now what?

African Night Crawlers Compost Worms Ate EVERYTHING now what?

Designing Your Garden – What Makes a Good Garden?

This is an article that sets out the steps of how to create a good designed garden. It suggests how to break the garden up into smaller bits and tackle one at a time. It defines the concepts of formal and informal and some of the different types of gardens you can create. It talks about choosing plant material, tips on colour and what makes a garden work well. Good design is about creating mystery, surprise and tension and this article helps you learn how to create these.

Orchid Information – A General Overview of The Orchid Family

This overview of the orchid family covers various and unusual, orchid species and their wide range of habitats. This includes the Rhizanthella Gardneri and Epidendrum Boothianum along with the more popular species favored by hybridizers.

Planting Trees On Wet Land

Planting trees on land which is occasionally or permanently damp can be a problem. They may not thrive. I give some ideas for success.

The Art of Growing Roses

Roses have gotten a bad reputation in recent years, but the truth is that roses are not difficult to grow. There was a time when no garden or landscape was complete without the beauty of the rose to enhance it and give long lasting enjoyment to the ones who grow them. Picking roses that are right for your growing zone is half the battle; from there it is very easy to learn the basics for proper planting procedure and care of the roses. Once you get the basics down, you will be absolutely amazed at the beautiful bushes you will receive with a little care.

Easy Guide To Orchid Types

There are many, many different species and hybrids of orchids. However, there are actually only two different types of orchids. The first type of orchid is the terrestrial orchid which includes the species of orchids that grow in the ground.

The Scoville Scale & Growing Chillies

The Scoville scale is the world recognised scale for measuring the heat in chillies and other peppers. The Scoville scale was created in the early 1900’s by Wilbur L. Scoville who was a pharmacist.

Introduction to Container Gardening – Creating a Container Garden Plan

So you’ve finally stopped looking with longing at other people’s yard gardens, and decided to start container gardening on your balcony or patio. Congratulations! But before you get started, remember that it’s not enough just to buy a bag of soil and some annuals or vegetables, slap them into containers, and stick them outside. To garden successfully, you should set up a container garden plan in advance.

The Art of Propagating Orchids

Successful orchid propagation is a combination of patience, timing and science. Get the tips and guidelines for growing and propagating orchids with confidence.

How to Build a Wire Tomato Cage

Using a tomato cage will result in greater tomato yields. You’ll see that you can easily make your own tomato cages, and that it’s easier than you first thought possible.

How to Prune Knockout Roses

Pruning roses is important to plant health because it encourages new growth and removes limbs to help prevent damage, disease, and bug infestation from destroying your rose bushes. Different classes of roses require different methods of pruning at varying times of the year. Pruning Knockout roses is perhaps the easiest task in the entire rose garden as these rose bushes are designed to be self-cleaning, meaning you don’t have to dead-head spent blooms. Like many other varieties of shrub roses, Knockout roses benefit from one heavy pruning in the spring. This is particularly true after Knockout rose bushes have had at least one year to establish themselves.

Parsley Problems – How to Kill the Bugs Before They Kill Your Parsley

Getting rid of parsley problems is easy once you know what they are. Learn a few tricks to blast away the bandits that want to ruin your parsley plants…

Tips for Caring for Orchids Indoors

Do you have orchids in your home or would you like to grow some orchids in your house? Growing orchids in your home can be quite rewarding. I have put together a few tips for caring for orchids indoors that will help.

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