Types of Hydroponics Systems

This article discusses the six main types of hydroponics systems. It talks about how they function and differ, and what advantages or disadvantages are associated with each.

Useful Tips for Indoor Composting

Composting is a biological process that can be done using just organic scraps alone or by involving compost worms into the project. Either way composting will always work the same way, only that worm bin composting produce has been recognized to be more nutrient-packed than other kinds of compost. Even so composting can be done both indoors and outdoors. And since outdoor composting is more of the usual thing for a lot of composters and gardeners today, let’s tap into some indoor composting this time.

Hydroponic Tips for Apartment Dwellers: My Set-Up Using Tents

Even if you have a one bedroom apartment, you can start an indoor garden that will supply you with a steady supply of veggies, fruits, or herbs. The trick is to compartmentalize, and I did this by using tents and a closet.

Effect Of French Vineyard To The People

Do love strolling around your own vineyard? This activity can be very fun if you have in your own place a vineyard of your own. Plants and fruits are pleasing to see, they could relax your troubled minds and could ease up the stress you have from your tiring work. If you have in your place a spacious field you can make your own.

What To Do In Your Garden In February

February is a time for tidying up and starting the seeds for your main planting this summer. Now is a great time to plant all your favourite seeds and try a few new ones too.

Flower Arrangement Ideas

Many people simply leave it too late in the year to start planting seeds and end up paying out far more cash for seedlings or mature plants. If you have too many seedlings to plant out in your garden this…

A Great Source Of Organic Gardening Fertilizer

Sometimes finding organic gardening fertilizer that is truly organic, at a reasonable cost and that is practical to use can be a challenge. Sometimes to find solutions, we have to look outside of the box. There is a different form of organic gardening that takes care of the fertilizer automatically, while reducing the amount of time and work spent with gardening.

Planting Fruit Trees

Planting fruit trees is not a difficult task, but there are a few considerations you should make before you take the steps necessary for planting fruit trees in the ground. Such things as what zone you live in and where in your property to place your trees are very important. Putting a tree in the ground is easy, but your success or failure can occur by choosing the wrong tree or putting it in the wrong place.

Organic Gardening Plan

A good organic gardening plan is the foundation for a beautiful and productive garden. Think about what you like to eat most and what will grow well in your climate and garden area. Then make your plan and start your garden growing.

How to Plant Lemon Grass In Your Garden

Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) is an aromatic plant of the grass family that’s used to season foods to create an appealing taste and aroma. In the Asian countries especially the Philippines where the native lechon is mostly served, lemon grass is placed inside the pig’s stomach before cooking to smell an aroma to increase the taste of the lechon meat. Because of its strong aroma, lemon grass is also good as a companion crop to your vegetable garden since it ward off some common insect pests. Some insects don’t like the smell of this plant hence, lemon grass is also used as an insect repellent for home gardeners.

Growing Blueberries In Containers

Blueberry plants relatively shallow root system, along with their long live span make them a very well suited plant to be grown in containers. Air, temperature, soil condition, container size, and plant size are the critical factors for success.

Tips For New Gardeners

Planting your own vegetables or flowers is satisfying, especially if they’re already in their productive phases of their growth. The pleasures of watching them grow in your garden is a good source of relaxation while bringing you with fresh vegetables in your kitchen and at the same time saving your budget from buying your daily vegetable needs in the market.

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