How to Create and Care For A Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elms are the undercover agents of the bonsai world. They are not a tree that one immediately thinks of when someone says “bonsai” yet they are very common as bonsai. At the same time, few world class bonsai are Chinese Elms. This is likely because few of them are collected from the wild for bonsai. Most Chinese Elm bonsai are either developed from nursery plants or grown from seed.

Indoor Aquaponics – 3 Reasons Why Indoor Aquaponics Gardening Makes Sense

Let’s face it. Old traditional ways of gardening sre becoming a thing of the past. Most forward thinking people look towards better ways of optimizing their time and efforts when growing food.

All About Orchids Phalaenopsis

The orchids phalaenopsis are what the American Orchids Society lists as the first orchid that a beginner orchid grower should take care of. It is a beautiful plant, known for being big, colorful and long-lasting.

Platform Bird Feeders Secrets

Platform bird feeders can increase the variety of wild birds that you attract to your bird garden. Find out what they are, and why every bird garden should have at least one platform feeder.

Creating Night Gardens for the Senses

Whilst gardens can be a fantastic retreat in daylight hours, it is easy to miss their enormous potential as a twilight wonderland. Gardens take on a completely different atmosphere during the hours of night. Streaming moonlight or pitch black night affects what you can see. Unseen creatures during the day begin to venture out of their crevices. And fragrances can become even more potent in the dead of night. If you’re looking for a brilliant way to create a garden that can be used around the clock, including some key aspects in your oasis can mean that your garden takes on a new, dual identity.

How to Create A Garden for the Visually Impaired

Though many people are lucky enough to live life to the fullest without having to deal with a disability, for some there are a few extra hurdles to get over. However, this is no reason for people not to indulge in a passion, and for gardening there are a few ways to help create an oasis which can easily be worked and enjoyed by people who have a visual impairment.

How to Grow Hardwood Cuttings

Defining a hardwood cutting takes all the mystery away from it and an “aha” moment ensues! Hardwood cuttings are so called because they are taken from the woody stem or branch that is a year old. The stem no longer has the pliable green stem of the current year’s growth. Expand your gardens cheaply!

Important Guidelines to Caring for Roses

Learn the most important facets of caring for roses. This article covers the main guidelines to rose care with a focus on pruning and fertilization. Discover how to master the trickiest aspects of timing and techniques used to make your rose garden the brightest and most colorful garden possible.

Homemade Aquaponics – The Best Of Both Worlds

Although we’ve been conditioned to grow food for thousands of years by planting them in the ground, there is another relatively newer and better way of growing your food. Believe it or not, planting and growing food from the ground can be a bit more difficult than you think and in a number of ways, it goes against nature. First of all, growing pesky weeds can be frustrating, because pulling weeds are a horrendously tedious task.

Where to Find Garden Gnomes For Sale

Are you looking for garden gnomes for your garden? There are a few places that you will be able to find them for sale once you read this information.

Lawn Dead Spots and Dead Patches in the Lawn

Lawn dead spots and dead patches in the lawn could be a result of many different things happening with your lawn. With extended periods of dry and hot weather, you will find that lawn areas will tend to go straw coloured. This change in colour from a vibrant green to a straw colour is a sign that the grass is suffering from heat stress.

Balancing Pond PH the Easy Way

How important is the pH level of your pond? How difficult is it to maintain? Is this something you should worry about it all? A few simple answers to a few simple questions.

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