African Nightcrawler Bins Update (Food Added) 10/12/2021

African Nightcrawler Bins Update (Food Added) 10/12/2021

Indoor Garden – Nutrients, Light and Temperature

We need to talk about nutrients for your indoor garden. Different plants need different nutrients.

Deer Repellent

If you purchase the one gallon concentrate, you can mix it yourself and save a bit of money. For optimal control of the Deer, the product ought to be applied every 3 to 4 weeks, but you will need to experiment with this in your own yard.

Landscaping – Finding the Right Landscaper – Article 1

Getting your Garden Landscaped. The Tips, Do’s & Don’t of what you need to consider to get the right person at the right price.

Tomato Trivia

Tomatoes are wonderful. Most people do not know much about them. Learn 3 facts about them.

Landscape Gardening Tips

Landscape Gardening is all about being able to develop a space according to your tastes and needs. There is an added benefit of increasing the value of your home when you employ a Garden Designer to do the work for you. With knowledge of trees, bulbs, annuals, perennials and planting themes you can create a garden landscape filled with colours all year around.

Growing Organic Celery

Celery is a descendant of a marsh grass, so climate is very important to being successful growing celery. Celery should be one of the earliest plants to be planted in your garden and one of the first to be harvested. And you need to pay close attention to the soil and nutrients for celery as it is quite finicky. Treat celery well, though, and you’ll be rewarded with delicious, crisp, sweet celery.

Salsify Revisited

Salsify is only available in markets from June through February. Its strong flavor pairs well with the hardy, robust flavors on fall and winter menus.

Urban Permaculture Gardening

Ever thought of turning your yard into something you could live off of? Explore an effective way of starting a garden with the least amount of maintenance possible.

Permaculture Gardening – Maximizing Results With Little Effort

The concept behind permaculture gardening is (r)evolutionary. Do as little as possible in your garden to get the maximum results possible, while striving to constantly seek balance with nature.

Spare Parts for the Home and Garden – Lawnmowers and Ride On Mowers Self Repair

SAVE MONEY – Maintenance and Repair your Lawnmower or Ride-On Garden Tractor out of season. How to find the spare parts your lawnmower may require. How to use the internet to buy your lawnmower spare parts.

Cattleya Orchids – 3 Little-Known Tips for Growing Cattleyas

Growing cattleya orchids is said to be one of the most difficult tasks an orchid grower can get himself into. This is only true if you don’t know what they need. Discover how to have success with cattleyas every time.

Hydroponics Kits Famous Now

Hydroponics kit has all the equipments which will be required to grow strong and healthy plants in your own home easily, with all the comfort and proper food to eat. There were two Greek words joined together to form Hydroponics, ‘hydro’ which mean’s water and ‘ponos’ which means labor who pull in energy and time to give you final product to consume. And this is the work of the hydroponics which makes the vegetables using the water and gathering all the minerals to make food.

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