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How To Begin Growing Tomatoes

These days, if you look around your community you will find a lot of homegrown gardens full of plump tasty looking vegetables. More often than not, in the warm summer days people are growing their own carrots, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, yellow and green beans, and even growing tomatoes.

Seed Saving – How to Save Money in an Organic Garden

Tested ways to germinate seeds more reliably. How to make sure that all the seed we sow will germinate. Plus how to develop a new heirloom vegetable variety

How to Build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon at Your Home

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a terraced garden with splendid plants and beautiful fountains, symbolizes love and shows how strong the love of Nebuchadnezzar II (the king of Babylon) to his wife, Amytis. It’s unique and attractive with flourishing flowers and lush plants on desert place. A desert place? It seems impossible to grow plants on that kind of area. We need a great supply of water to make an oasis through desert. How can it be?

When to Prune Roses? Know Your Basics to Get the Rose Garden of Your Dreams

For those who are actively cultivating roses in flowering pots or in the ground, there are certain things that need to be known. One of the most important things is when to prune roses. You must know the correct time when you should go about doing the pruning job.

Pruning Tomato Produced Big Quality Fruits?

Pruning is a new technology applied to some specific crops, most especially vegetables to increase fruit size, healthy growth and avoid fungal disease infection. Vegetables that needs to be pruned includes the cucurbits (pumpkins, bitter gourd, luffa, melons, etc.) and solanaceous (tomato, eggplant, pepper, etc.) families. These vegetable crops are susceptible to fungus and bacteria attack in their entire growth period.

3 Bonsai Lessons That Could Drastically Improve Your Life

Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art that directly translates as “Tray cultivation” often it is confused with “dwarfing” but bonsai do not use genetically modified miniatures of existing species, instead it focuses on cultivation and growing of trees from from regular stock and seeds, using techniques such as pruning, root reduction, wiring and grafting to produce mimics of full size, fully matured trees. With bonsai the focus is geared towards long time care and observation, often trees are passed down through generations, and the “final look” could take more than…

A Professional Way For Growing Tomatoes

Gardening is a hobby for some people. They like to have a small garden in their yard and grow some beans, lettuce, cabbage, or some other vegetable to put on the table. Growing tomatoes is a source of pride for most gardeners. It puts a stamp on whether a growing season was successful or not.

Nine Clever and Easy Ways to Germinate Garden Seeds Faster

Here are nine clever tips for germinating garden seeds faster than you thought possible. And for growing more garden plants. The faster your garden seeds germinate, the sooner you’ll have plants!

Tips on Worm Farms – Setting Up Your Composting Pals’ Home

If you want to help in minimizing the landfill accumulation of wastes, then recycling what you can would be one good thing to practice on. You may even work your way up into doing some composting at home. Apart from that, there are also many types of composting; and one is by using composting worms. Now, this is where you need a worm farm, setting it up comes into the picture.

Orchids Repotting – Why Not Recycle Your Fish Tank!

Why not get that unused fish tank out of the garage or wherever you’ve stored it and give it a whole new lease of life as a spectacular display case for your orchids? I’ll show you how easy it is to do!

Backyard Composting

Composting is the managed process of combining brown and green organic matter in way that accelerates decomposition. This is accomplish by layering both garden trimmings and kitchen scraps with the right amount of air, moisture and heat. Billions of microbes in the organic matter break down the mixture leaving a rich soil conditioner and fertilizer.

How To Make A Raised Bed For A Garden

Making a raised bed for your garden is a wise investment of your time. You will be able to control the ingredients that go into the soil for one thing. Another thing is you won’t have the lawn creeping into your garden around the edges. A third thing is the fun you’ll have in scrounging up the materials to build the bed.

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