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Which Is the Best Grow Light on the Market?

So you have decided to grow plants indoors, and one of the most obvious things you will think of buying is a grow light. But which one?

Build Healthy Soil

Building healthy soil is the first step to having a productive garden. You might already have fantastic soil in your yard and don’t even know it, but, more likely than not, your soil needs some work to build a good foundation of humus your plants will need. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues facing beginning gardens with soil problems.

How to Decide on the Layout of a Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden isn’t too hard, and the results are extremely rewarding. You do need to know a few things to help you figure out how to layout your vegetable garden. This article will give you some things to consider when laying out your garden.

Gardening – Why Go Organic?

Simply put, organic gardening is simply growing fruits and vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This article will highlight the benefits to the environment, your pocketbook, and most importantly your family’s health that organic gardening practices will deliver to you.

8 Essential Greenhouse Accessories

When maintaining a greenhouse it’s important to use the right greenhouse accessories and supplies. While the types to choose from can seem unlimited, here are some that you should definitely consider using!

Tomatoes With Curled, Gnarly Leaves?

Curled, gnarly leaves on plants indicate a problem. Usually, the problem is related to overwatering or over fertilizing, or both. Be sure that you know the moisture level of the soil in which your plants grow and that you maintain the proper level for your plants. Utilize a soil moisture meter to accomplish that.

How to Sharpen Your Reel Lawn Mower – Part One: When Should Your Blades Be Sharpened?

So you’ve been using your reel lawn mower for a little while now and think that perhaps the cut or look of your lawn isn’t as nice as it used to be. Or maybe you are wondering if the blades should be sharpened because you’ve reached the time the manufacturer recommended sharpening? How do you know when your blades should be sharpened?

The Fascinating Black Magic Roses

If you think this article is about black magic, witchcraft or voodoo practices, well you better think again. This article definitely does not connote any anti-Christ, but rather provides fascinating information about these attractive black magic roses. You see, some may get scared with this flower at first glance. However, did you know that many people are now seeking out this exquisite flower?

Flowerboxes: Revealing the Wonders of Raised Bed Gardening

Gardening is more than a hobby for many. It’s a passion that soon becomes a lifestyle. Innovations in home improvement pave the way back to the traditional yet efficient way of propagating flowers and ornaments in the backyard – raised bed gardening.

Hibiscus In A Flower Box: Accenting Home Elegance From Nature’s Gift

Another wonder of nature is found in the humble existence of a flower-bearing plant called Hibiscus. This tropical shrub ranges from two inches to one foot in height. Hibiscus has different sub-species that can be classified according to their color and speed of propagation. The most common colors of Hibiscus are red, pink and yellow; but it also comes in lavender, bluish tone, white, brown, gold and red that some people call them black. Hibiscus plant if cared properly, can accentuate long-lasting beauty to our home.

Crunchy Container Carrots

Carrots are the last thing people expect to come from a container! You can grow them as well as you can in the garden where they take up a lot of room for a long time. The key is choosing the right type of carrot for the container you plan to use. Ideally plan to use the shorter, stumpy varieties of carrot.

Window Planters – Remarkable Masterpiece of All Time

Flowers can boost both the aesthetic and structural landscape of the entire place. For some, it brings unexplained healing and calming sensations that penetrate their whole being. For them, flowers would always play an integral part of their existence, such reality has convinced them to build even just a small garden where these colorful flowers could flourish and bloom. Indeed, you can observe thriving gardens both inside and outside their premises. Nowadays, you can even see them as great display along busy highways, porches, patios and decks. Moreover, some gardeners have loved the idea of placing flowers on their windows to create and highlight its solid wall frameworks. This concept has paved way for the creation of window planters, which has also been considered a significant development in the planter making industry.

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