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The Basics of Orchid Propagation – What You Need to Know!

Orchids are lovely flowers to grow. Wouldn’t it be rewarding if you can produce the same kind from one single parent orchid through orchid propagation.

Benefits of Organic Farming and Composting

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American households dispose 61.3 million tons of household wastes that can b composted. These wastes are usually composed of old newspapers, leaves, worn out clothes, fruits and vegetable scraps. You can turn them into more useful materials like compost.

Making Use of Vegetable Scraps For Composting

If you are into vegetable gardening and you are done with your harvest this season, here are tips to help you maximize plant scraps and make use of them when the next planting season comes. First things first, find a spot in your yard for your compost container. The location should be wide enough, say, five square feet and not directly exposed to sunlight. Here are some simple and easy steps on how you can make your own compost pit:

Gardening on a Shoe String

Seed packets are going to start appearing in garden stores very soon. The only drawback is not to get overly excited about all the little packets and purchasing too many because the pictures of the plants on the packets look like a plant we want in our landscaping. Before purchasing any type of seeds, it is important to ensure that the plants or flowers are suitable for your area’s type of weather.

Supplementing Water Features in Balcony Garden

Balconies are the vital additions to your homes, and those how have one perhaps know the importance of having a balcony in their home. But you have often observed that many people owning a house with having a terrace or balcony don’t pay much attention to it.

Growing Mediums for Hydroponic Gardening

Growing medium is essentially required in hydroponic gardening to anchor and support the root system. It holds moisture and nutrient solution while providing excellent oxygen flow for the plants. There are various types of growing mediums being used in hydroponic gardening. Each growing medium works differently and is favorably for different types of hydroponic gardening systems.

Plantable Greeting Card

Plantable greeting cards are a unique way to express a sentiment to someone special. You can take card giving to the next level by giving a unique card and one that can be planted after the message has been delivered. It is really growing in popularity since we are all earth conscious and want to do better for the environment.

How to Bring Your Outdoor Garden Inside

You found your dream home. You redecorated, maybe even did some renovations. Last but not least, you tackled the yard.

The English Garden Rose Is Perfect For Any Garden

The English garden rose is famous for its beauty and elegance. It is renowned throughout the world and is thought of as the classic flower of the English garden. There are around sixty varieties of this rose. In fact, there are probably very few gardens in England that do not have some variety of these plants.

Displaying Orchids – Mounted Orchids and Wedding Displays

Discover how to make the most of your orchids when displaying them in the home or at weddings and other events. Why orchid mounts are my favourite display method and which orchid varieties suit this type of display.

Buy Poppy Seeds – Transform Your Garden With Poppies

A wonderful family of species, offering a wide variety of sizes, colors and characteristics, poppies can provide a fantastic accompaniment to every garden. And whether gardeners opt for annual varieties, or perennial species that will return year after year, once you’ve bought poppy seeds a great love affair is likely to start.

Tips On How To Have A Year Round Vegetable Garden

A year round vegetable garden: what a novel idea! Vegetable gardens have served people even before the ancient Greeks or Romans. In fact, vegetable gardening was popular long before more carnivorous endeavors ever were.

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