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Remedies, Perfumes and Beauty Treatments Using Plants and Herbs

In recent years there has been renewed interest in using plants and herbs as natural remedies and beauty treatments, alongside an interest in healthier lifestyles and a more natural approach to tending to our body’s needs. Although some natural uses for plants and herbs can be perhaps a little too complicated for most people to tackle, there are a number of simple recipes and techniques anyone can try for themselves and experience some of the wonderful effects plants and herbs can have on our lives and health.

How to Grow Seed Potatoes

Like any fruit and vegetables, growing your own seed potatoes is both fun and exciting and most definitely rewarding. Not only this; it is also easy and simple to do and is a great start to growing your way to 5 a day!

Where Do Wind Chimes Come From?

Who made the first set of wind chimes and why? Is it true that wind chimes can have health benefits aside from their decorative appeal and sound?

Proper Pruning of Trees and Shrubs

This is often an overlooked topic. Think about it, how often have you thought about how your pruning and trimming techniques affect the plant? This can either make a plant thrive, or decline, nevertheless, we feel it does deserve an explanation.

Growing Jalapeno Peppers: An Overwintering Guide

Do you know that you can keep your Jalapeno pepper plants growing for many years? When you “winterize” or “overwinter” chillies, you don’t have to plant new seeds, and your plants give you lots of new peppers every growing season. Read on to learn more.

Choosing the Best Little Fruity Tomatoes

Some of the most appealing little tomatoes on the market today come with names that make them sound ultra fruity and wonderfully tasty. And it’s not just plain cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes that fit the bill.

4 Tips For The Organic Garden

Gardeners need to take more care of the organic garden than conventional gardeners. A conventional garden can always rely on a handful of chemical fertilizer, or bug spray, or weed killer to get than out of a jam. The organic gardener must think ahead to avoid the problems that a lot of other gardeners get themselves into.

Nothing Beats Organic Gardening Vegetables

Are you tired of the taste of grocery store tomatoes? Nothing beats organic gardening vegetables… nothing. And, taste is not the only plus to eating organic, test after test show that organically grown vegetables are more nutritious for your family than chemically raised produce.

Organic Herb Garden – My Top 5 Herbs

Life would be pretty dull without herbs. Growing your own organic herb garden can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Once you grow your own herbs you will never go back to the store bought herbs again. It is kinda’ like comparing a store bought tomato to a home grown tomato, there is no comparison.

Benefits of Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are a household favourite of many. Unfortunately, we can never have as many of this lovely fruit as we want because often they are not cheap- or at least those strawberries that we buy from the grocery store may not be.

Gardening Can Be Fun for Kids!

Gardening is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages. One does not have to be a gardening expert to start growing flowers, plants, or even edible vegetation. And it can be fun for children, as well.

Red Worm Composting – Putting Worms to Work For You and the Environment

When it comes to home-scale composting it’s an environmental no-brainer, but did you know there is an army of willing workers that you could put to work helping you compost? Red worm composting is a sustainable kitchen practice that will cut down on your waste footprint and benefit the eco-system.

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