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Add Charm With Several Styles Of Garden Pots

You would be able to bring all the charm of the outdoors to indoors with the help of garden pots. You could even add a touch of class to your deck or outdoor landscaping by adding your own personal style by picking from the several different garden pots for outdoors too.

Dealing With Weather Problems in Gardens

Now that spring is finally here gardeners might be tempted to shrug off the threat of weather related problems and forget about them for another year, however, a quick survey of survivors and casualties in our gardens will act as a swift reminder. Plants prone to weather damage might not survive a thunder storm with torrential rain in spring or summer, if they have already suffered too much damage in the winter.

Dealing With Pests and Diseases in Your Garden

In a well-managed garden diseases and pests should not cause too much of a problem. A variety of plants, good garden hygiene and a watchful gardener’s eye for any infestation are, of course, essential for keeping the major garden enemies at bay.

Raised Garden Beds for Easy Maintenance

Garden beds that we raise above the ground not only produce better crops but the entire family will enjoy working in them. Raised garden beds provide good drainage, are easy to reach and can be very attractive looking.

Container Growing Some Flowers for Patio or Deck

Container growing is very popular today for growing flowers and vegetables. Container growing, whether for vegetables or flowers, has advantages over in-ground gardening and one of those is proper drainage.

How To Control Lake Algae

If you see a body of water that used to be a clear and beautiful lake, but it is now a thick, pea soup coloured green mass, you are probably seeing the results of lake algae. The algae growth look scummy, smells horrible and is no longer pleasant to look at or to be near.

Storage Building Kits – A Great Solution To Your Garden Storage Problems

Storage building kits can be a great solution to your storage problems or they can be a nightmare if you don’t do your homework. Doing some prior planning will help head off your problems before they begin by following some simple tips.

Bark Chippings – The Beauty of Natural Gardening

Bark chippings are a great example of a gardening product which can be used for a multitude of purposes. Making complicated decisions as to what techniques to use where is one of the many reasons why gardening can become such a difficult but ultimately rewarding pastime.

The Joy of the Organic Garden

In addition to the obvious benefits of fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables, a well tended garden provides both industrious leisure and intense mental activity in your planning and execution. Learning the intricacy of the art require both mental, physical effort and sometimes knowledgeable mentor.

Garlic in an English Garden

In days gone by folk used treacle as a blood-cleanser, which sounds both yummy and useless at the same time, but if you couldn’t afford treacle then you used garlic which came to be known as ‘poor-mans-treacle’ and also ‘gypsies onions’. Romany families would forage in the spring hedgerow for ramsons or wild garlic, using both the bulb and leaf to flavour their stews and for healing.

Gardening In Autumn

Autumn is one of the busiest times for gardeners, no matter where you live in Australia, and especially for those who have been affected by floods, due to some of the wettest summer months we have ever seen. As the air starts to get cooler, the soil remains relatively warm in comparison. So there is still some quality time to plant and prepare for the cooler months to come.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Beautiful Orchids

The growing of an orchid is not something to be undertaken lightly. It is a multi-faceted process with many components that will contribute to the success or failure of the project. There are many types of orchids and each one has a different cultural need.

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