Baby Worms & Cocoons! Making Fertilizer in My Tiny Worm Bin | Feeding #14 Vermicomposting Worm Farm

Baby Worms & Cocoons! Making Fertilizer in My Tiny Worm Bin | Feeding #14 Vermicomposting Worm Farm

Three Most Prevalent Plant Diseases Caused by Bacteria

When conditions are favorable for their growth, bacteria which are are normally present on plant surfaces can cause problems for plant growth and multiplication. These conditions include high humidity, crowding, and poor air circulation around plants. Misting plants will provide a film of water on the leaves where bacteria can multiply. Foliage plants tends to be susceptible to bacterial diseases during the winter months when light intensity and duration are reduced. During this time, plants are not growing actively and are easily stressed

Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Maintenance

Wrought iron patio furniture is thought to be one of the most sturdy and heaviest garden furniture choices. It will last for years to come if cared for properly. Wrought iron is made when round or square iron bars are heated over a hot flame, and then manipulated into different shapes. Because of its resistance abilities it was the only outdoor choice at one time. No other type of patio furniture was capable to withstand the extreme weather conditions without deteriorating. However, Wrought Iron Patio Furniture was able to last for years. Unfortunately, if it is neglected it will eventually look dreadful with rust

Organic Aquaponics Gives You Power Back Over Your Food Supply and Saves Money in the Process

Aquaponic gardening is really a more rewarding model of hydroponics. In fact it is a mixture between the two, hydroponics and aquaculture. Exactly what you do is actually mature fish in a specially engineered fish tank and use water in the tank to cultivate home grown vegetables, too.

Gnomes: Legends and Liberation!

The garden gnome: subject to numerous legends and stories all over the world. Here we’ll take a look at the characteristics of these little men, some of the legends that surround them and the people that fight for liberation of the gnomes!

Identifying Interesting Gifts for Gardeners and Garden Lovers

Many of us love giving gift items to people we care about for all kinds of occasions. Any holiday or birthdays are common but we really do not need an excuse to buy something for the special people in our lives. Have you ever struggled to think up a great gift idea for someone?

Weed Control – Control Processes

It is of the essence that you have an understanding of the goings-on around your yard. One of such situation that needs to be understood is that of the growth of weeds. If you in anyway leave them unmonitored, they will surely be the ruin of your sprawling green field.

How To Look After Your Lawn

Is your lawn looking sad and tired? Keep your grass looking good all year round with our helpful guide! Like most things green, spring is the start of the growing season for your lawn. Give it a boost with a dose of fertiliser. Ideally choose an organic fertiliser, such as granulated chicken manure or blood and bone. If you would prefer a granular fertiliser, try Shirley’s No 17, or a slow release food such as Scots Lawn Builder Some turfs, such as Sir Walter, have purpose-designed fertilisers that you can use.

Gardening – Plants And Soil

The purpose of the soil in your garden is to grow plants. You may wish to be utterly conventional, with turf grasses forming a central lawn which is edged with borders and spotted with flower beds.

Cumin Seed: Grow Your Own

Cumin seed will grow in the Northern Hemisphere clear into Norway. The plant will grow, but that does not mean you will have enough days of warmth to mature the fruit, or the cumin seed. Where to Grow Cumin Cumin is native the Mediterranean, supposedly originating from Egypt.

Use a Greenhouse to Extend the Growing Season

Since the summer months are winding down in most parts of the country it’s time to think about increasing the growing season using a garden greenhouse. Nothing will beat the wintertime doldrums like strolling into a nice sunlit greenhouse on a dark dull wintertime day.

Watering Rockwool Inside an Indoor Grow Box

Correctly watering rockwool in an indoor grow box is very important. Rockwool is the most popular growing medium in hydroponic applications and by following effective watering methodologies you can achieve great results.

5 Plants That Will Make Your Curb Stand Out

Plants that add curb appeal will make your home look more inviting. The key is color to add a beautiful look to your yard. Options are unlimited for different outside plants but perennials make yard work easier. A perennial is a plant that doesn’t need to be taken out of the ground every year and will grow each spring and summer.

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