Baiting Baby ENCs From Castings Banana Peel Update | Day 6 | Vermicomposting With Nightcrawlers

Baiting Baby ENCs From Castings Banana Peel Update | Day 6 | Vermicomposting With Nightcrawlers

Poppies – Why Staking Is Important

To get the best from poppies it is often important to go further than simply growing seeds and popping plants into your gardens. Whilst poppy seeds will grow very well in a huge variety of aspects and garden environments some species will need a little more care and attention so that you can enjoy the best that they have to offer. And for certain poppies it is important to remember to stake plants.

Poppy Flower Seeds – When to Sow Your Poppy Plants

There are a fantastic range of poppy flower seeds that you can fill your garden with, ranging from beautiful annual specimens to varieties of perennials that will come up year after year and dazzle you with vibrant color. Growing many of these plants is very easy and you can easily grow healthy and strong specimens from poppy seeds at home. However, there are a few times of the year when sowing will have the best results.

Acidic or Alkaline – The Mystery Of Soil pH

The pH range runs from 0 -14, 7 being neutral. This range expresses the degree of acidity or alkalinity in soil by measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions. The more hydrogen ions there are, the more acidic the soil will be.

Poppies Seeds – When and How to Harden Off Poppy Seedlings

One of the joys with poppies seeds is the ease in which you can grow your own plants at home. There’s nothing quite like sowing some seeds, watching them germinate and then nurturing them through to full flower for a little emotional reward. Whilst you can buy a multitude of plants at garden centers it isn’t quite the same as knowing that, from tiny poppies seeds, you’ve grown an entire garden of color.

How to Plant Grapes From Cuttings

Growing grapes from cuttings is very simple. A dormant can be planted during the spring season and by the time autumn comes; you have a vine big enough to have several clusters of fruit the next spring time. You need to give proper care and right preparation of the grape cuttings.

Preparing Vegetable Garden Soil

Starting a vegetable garden for summer? Great! But stop for a second and read these essential factors for prepping your soil to lay a solid foundation for your plants.

Antique Weathervanes: How to Keep It Good As New

A weather vane is an instrument used to measure the direction of the wind that helps the owner of the said instrument to tell whether a storm is coming or not because of the changes in the wind directions and how strong it is currently going. With this, you can also keep track of the wind throughout the year to aid you to prepare for various calamities as well.

Hunter PGJ-12 Rotors

There is always a need to use Hunter PGJ-12 Rotor in your house garden or in a commercial zone. This article will describe very well, why you need to use this product for your residential use.

Antique Weathervanes for Your Precious Collections

For many years that had passed and for countless events that had occurred, the antique weather vanes are still the best and the most functional devices to tell you on which direction does the wind blows. There are a lot of famous makers for the wind vanes and most of the best talents are found on the group of Artisans who have created a lot of unique and good collection of the weather vanes.

Buy Bamboo Plants and Care For Them Today

Many people wish to enhance both the inside and out side of their home and one good way to do that is to buy bamboo plants. Most Bamboo plants are sold with a well established root ball ans can be transplanted right away.

Indoor Greenhouse

The concept of indoor greenhouse is gaining wider acceptance among people these days. This is because of the immense benefits that are associated with this type of gardening. These offer excellent conditions for the growth of wide varieties of flowers and plants. With these greenhouses the problem of extreme climatic conditions is solved easily. Gardeners no longer needed to struggle against the cold winter or the scorching summer.

Traditional Weathervanes As Garden Decor

The main goal of designing or decorating a garden is to catch attention and turning it into a relaxing and entertaining place. This is the reason why most of the gardeners are really taking their time to think of what decoration that they will use to display in their garden. One of the most common decorations used is the traditional weather vanes. Traditional weather vanes come in different materials and designs.

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