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Agnus Castus

If you are looking for the information about agnus castus, please read this article. Here I would like to describe and introduce it in several aspects, such as description, distribution, uses and characteristics.

What Is A Poor Man’s Greenhouse And How Can It Help Me With My Gardening?

Cold frames are sometimes called “poor man’s greenhouses” because they are so cheap and simple to build. These cold frames don’t have to be any specific size, but I usually stick to 3 feet by 6 feet. This is not too wide enabling me to reach all my plants.

Discover Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the new discovery of an age old method of farming fish and plants together in a beneficial environment. By combining aquatic life with vegetation, a win win balance is created where you grow wonderful organic vegetables and also have a clean source of fresh fish in a backyard aquaponics situation. A terrific way for you and your family to eat green!

The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Herbs in Pots

A couple of the greatest advantages to growing herbs in pots in the kitchen are the cozy look and the heavenly fragrances they impart to your kitchen. And, isn’t it wonderful to have your herbs so handy when cooking! Without having to put on a sweater to go outside on a chilly day or having to bend or stoop to gather herbs from an outdoor garden, you can have all of your favorite herbs at your fingertips.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses

I must confess, polycarbonate greenhouses are my choice every time over a glass greenhouse. I love the looks of a glass greenhouse, and I understand that they have their place and purpose. But, I am more of a form follows function kind of grower.

Greenhouse Roof Styles

There are several greenhouse roof styles available. I am always asked what the difference is. Well, some will give you a little bit more head room, and some may give you a little bit more room to hang plants, but really the basic difference is just the looks.

Inorganic Mulches

Loose inorganic mulches are particularly useful in certain areas of the garden. Pea gravel, for example, is ideal around alpines, which like well drained conditions and would rot if surrounded with a loose organic mulch. Similarly, stone chippings are often the best choice for covering the soil in planting pockets and between paving slabs in and around the patio. Pebbles, on the other hand, are ideal for mulching around plants, such as clematis, which like to have a cool root run, or as an attractive finishing touch to containers. If you are planting a new bed or a specimen tree or shrub, specially made sheet mulches are an option worth considering.

Glass Greenhouses

Glass greenhouses have been around for many, many years. They are most frequently seen with an aluminum frame, but there are some wood framed ones available. They are available in a curved eave, or a straight eave configuration.

Watering Basic Technique

Watering and feeding are among the most time consuming task in the garden, especially if you have a lot of containers or own a greenhouse. Use the following techniques to help you work more efficiently. The ground must be thoroughly soaked after watering; a sprinkling will do little other than lay the dust. Effective watering should supply the equivalent of one inch of rain. Every gardener should have a watering can fitted with a fine rose, and this may be all that you need if your garden is small or if you no not grow many plants in containers.

Helpful Tips For New Gardeners

Many people agree that gardening is good therapy. It stimulates relaxation, increases self esteem and boosts confidence. Many individuals enjoy working outdoors, even if it means that they have to get their hands dirty. Gardening is not difficult. However, if you are new at seeding, planting, and weeding you probably can use a few helpful tips.

Creating Stunning California Poppy Containers

If you want to create stunning plant containers filled with color and interest then using California poppies is definitely the right choice for you. These plants are very easy to grow from seed, can be mixed into planters in different colors or with other plant varieties, and will provide bountiful blooms throughout the gardening year. And with seeds cheap to buy and simple to germinate, you can brighten up any spot in your home with vibrant potted containers.

An Aeroponics System Can Help You Garden Indoors Successfully

You might have wanted to garden indoors, but have been stopped short because you have no suitable area in which to garden. There are ways, however, which everyone, even those who live in cities and have no backyard, or those at the tops of apartment buildings, or those with inhospitable climates, can utilize in order to grow plants indoors. One of those methods uses an aeroponics system for growing plants indoors.

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