How To Start An Organic Garden

When you want to start an organic garden, contained raised beds tend to be the most favored type of raised beds, and they’re perfect for vegetable and vegetable gardens, in addition to flower gardens. Many fruits, like blueberries, raspberries, grapes and strawberries likewise prosper in a raised vegetable garden bed.

Tips for Planting a Children’s Garden

Gardening with your children has countless benefits. If you would like to plant your own garden with your children this year, use the following tips to get started.

How to Make Your Garden in a Limited Space

In this modern age, there are innovations that have been developed for people to continue doing what they like to do without restrictions. New designs of flower boxes, window planters and window boxes are perfect to be used in situation like this.

War of the Weeds

Some folks call them weeds, to others they’re just a plant growing where it’s not wanted. They seem to sprout overnight and can outgrow the plants you pamper in a heartbeat. Recent rains have prompted vigorous growth. Left unchecked they can steal water and nutrients from neighboring plants. Where do they come from? How can they be controlled so they don’t take over your yard? Read on for tips on controlling these pesky invaders.

What Do You Know About Bonsai?

Well they are more than little trees. In order to achieve that “little tree” look it requires careful pruning of branches and roots – yes the roots.

How Growing an Aromatic Lavender Hedge Can Be Good for You and Your Garden

Lavender is a beautiful perennial herb plant some varieties of which can grow into shrubs up to 3 feet tall. For this reason it’s ideal for creating a colorful, aromatic lavender hedge which will flower throughout the whole year. This article outlines some simple and straightforward instructions on growing a lavender hedge. It covers everything from selecting the right types of lavender for the hedge through to planting and maintaining it. The article also provides some ideas on interesting ways in which the flowers from a lavender hedge can be used for culinary, healing and restorative purposes.

Using Worm Castings For Your Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Worm vermicast are not the same as compost. Rather they are a biological process that takes place within the worm’s digestive system. In fact composted material is what is actually fed to many worms in order to generate vermicast.

Climber Roses – Architectural Design With Climbing Roses

The article discuses climbing roses and there uses in architectural design. The pros and cons of using climbing roses.

Cadix Grandelight Planters

If you’re looking to replace a few old or broken planters this spring, then you should consider Cadix Grandelight planters. They come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs, and the innovative Grandelight material means they are beautiful, strong and lightweight.

Tips for Choosing the Best Orchid Pots for Your Plants

There are three orchid pots that orchid growers commonly use, and these are plastic pots, clay or terra cotta and baskets. Each of these pots has its own advantages and disadvantages-let’s talk about that so you can decide what you want to use for your orchids.

Plants for Dry Places and Busy People!

The hot dry places in gardens are never the easiest places to plant and keep looking good in the garden. Choosing plants for these spots generally means choosing those that have come from the drier countries of the planet. Cacti come under that label, and are found in many interesting shapes and sizes.

The Green In Me

Playing the addicting game of Alice Greenfingers or Ranch Rush on your Laptop or personal computer may cause you to do the things they do in the game. Planting flowers, fruits, vegetables or trees may be of your interest and may seem very exciting as of the moment. As you plant a seed, you water it, you allow the sun to shines its ray on your plant, and you don’t allow any animal or insect to pest around your garden. One day, as you walk pass your garden; you see a tiny ray of hope for the seed you planted as it grows a few inches. Days turned to weeks and boom! Your patient waiting for your plant to grow has finally come to an end, but if it is a tree then it is another story.

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