Bin 1 Harvest and Bin 2 Attempt to Dry 8/27/2021

Bin 1 Harvest and Bin 2 Attempt to Dry 8/27/2021

Winter Garden Ideas

Winter doesn’t have to put a damper on your gardening activities. You can still garden in the winter months with a little creativity.

Wire Fencing For Utility With Style

When you ask most people what is a good type of fencing, the answer is likely to be something like a picket fence or aluminum fence. However there are several advantages to wire fencing, and in this article we’ll take a look at some of the things that should be considered and what should be borne in mind before deciding to purchase this particular type of fencing. One of the main things that this kind of fencing can supply is security.

Accentuate Our Home With Gardening Gifts

The first one would be the plant stand. This may not be the usual gift that we receive but this will eventually be one of our home and gardening decorations at home. The useful part is that we can just have some potted plants placed on it.

Basic Pruning Techniques

For new gardeners, pruning can be a scary enterprise. Here are a few simple tips on how to prune your plants and shrubs to get new, healthy growth.

The Basics of Caring for a Miniature Rose Bush

Miniature rose bushes are a joy to behold and compact a lot of beauty on a small plant. Often this type of rose given as a gift and is the first rose growing effort a person tries their hand at. While roses in general can be a little intimidating to garden, as with their larger brethren, they are simple to grow and maintain by following a few simple steps.

How To Bonsai a Tree

It is a fun and laborious task to try to make a bonsai tree from scratch. There are a few different ways you can go about making a bonsai tree of your own. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that a bonsai tree takes a long time. If you see some of the tree in arboretums, and museums, they have been around and in their containers for hundreds of years.

Guide for Bonsai Tree Care

Tree in a Pot, or loosely translated to Bonsai fascinate people worldwide. Whenever people see a small tree, they think of the old Eastern world in Asia and have wild fantasies. Bonsai trees can be very easy or very difficult to take care of, depending on who you ask.

A Lean-To Greenhouse Can Be The Answer

You may think that in order to build a greenhouse in your garden you need a lot of space and therefore you simply do not have the room to be able to do it, believing that most greenhouses need to be of a fairly large-size. However a good solution to this problem is to take a look at building a very simple and inexpensive lean-to greenhouse, which uses an existing wall for part of its structure. This article will take a look at some of the things to be considered when choosing a particular style to suit your particular circumstances…

How to Stop Squirrels Raiding Your Bird Feeders

Squirrels are cute, harmless looking little critters. However, if you have spent time and money attracting wild birds into your backyard, they are enemy number one. As a famous general once said “know your enemy” before going into battle. As well as being cute, squirrels are resourceful, intelligent and really persistent. They can jump long distances and are amazing climbers. squirrels have been recorded trying different tactics to break into bird feeders and only stopping when they’ve found one that works…

Health Benefits of Bonsai Gardening

Bonsai’s are very unique and beautiful. They are a very intriguing art form and a creative outlet. Bonsai Hobbyists who own and cultivate Bonsai’s love and are passionate about what they do.

Choose The Right Outdoor Planters For Easy Gardening

Taking care of our plants and flowers is not very easy for most of us especially for those who have busy lifestyles. Gardening may be last in their priorities. So for those who love to garden but doesn’t have much time, the best way to take care of our plants is to choose the right planter boxes to use.

When Its Time for a Sprinkler Valve Replacement

Performing a sprinkler valve replacement is generally not too difficult. A bit of mechanical and plumbing knowledge will usually see you through the task. It’s diagnosing the problem that is sometimes very difficult.

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