Black Soldier Fly Larvae found helping redwigglers compost + cocoons in Outdoor Wormbin feeding #6

The Tools You Need To Keep Your Garden In Shape This Summer

The summer is nearly here and the sun is shining, which means it’s time to head into the garden and spend hours making things look nice and pretty for the months ahead. If you are going to run a successful garden then there are certain tools and equipment that are needed to make sure you can keep the upkeep going with the minimum of effort.

Bamboo Screens, Trellises And Fencing For Your Garden

Privacy aside, there are many reasons that a bamboo fence may be the a good option for your backyard. Bamboo fencing adds a sustainable feature to your garden and is (in my opinion) more beautiful than regular backyard fencing.

Hydroponics, the Alternative Plant Care

Most people are using potting soil to grow plants in planters or pots. Yet, there is an alternative that offers several advantages over using potting soil. This method is called hydroponics and uses clay granules.

Making The Pond Garden A Family Affair

It may seem a little strange to utilize something as simple as a pond garden to entertain and intrigue the children. It can actually be used as a wonderful learning tool in respect to nature, the eco system, and teaching the kids a little responsibility as well.

The Different Varieties of Iceberg Roses

Iceberg roses are one of the most popular rose varieties. Some people associate the term “iceberg” with lettuce however; these varieties of roses achieved their name due to the winter hardiness they possess. These roses produce fragrant blooms and are most attractive when complimented with appealing foliage.

Setting Up an Allotment or Gardening Plot – What You Will Need

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is extremely popular whether you choose to set up a growing space in your garden, rent a plot or set up your own private allotment. This article outlines the basic equipment that you will need to start growing your own.

Save Shadwell Park

In one of my recent visits to the East End, a friend of mine, and a local resident to the Stepney end of Tower Hamlets, imparted to me some disturbing news. Those of you familiar with this area of London will readily recall the urban dominance of tower blocks and concrete and steel. Needless to say green spaces, such as parks, are few and far between and the abundance of vertical living spaces affords few the luxury of a garden.

Who’s Telling You That You Can Not Save Money in a Vegetable Garden? It’s Not Who You Might Think!

There is an aged old question that I, along with many other home vegetable gardeners, constantly get asked. Can you really save money with a home vegetable garden? Some will say, absolutely not, and I will get into who those “some” are in a little bit. They aren’t who you might be thinking about.

When To Prune Roses: This Varies Depending on the Type of Rose

Roses are on everyone’s “to-do” list when constructing a garden of their own. When proper TLC (Tender-loving-care) is administered, they produce vibrant and robust flowers that provide the beauty and foliage one desires. In establishing healthy roses, pruning is a very important factor that proves essential.

Orchid Growing: How Much Sunlight Does Your Orchid Need?

There are several growth factors to keep in mind in order to be successful at growing orchids. One of the most essential of these is to consider the climate in which the orchid grows, particularly regarding sunlight. Of course sunlight is essential for growing orchids, but it must be remembered that not all types of orchids need the same amount of light.

Guide for Growing Your Kalanchoe Plants Outdoors

Kalanchoe plants are grown in most households for the monetary and herbal benefits associated with the same. They are characterized by fleshy leaves are lobed, and in different colors such as white, yellow, red, orange and some are salmon. Once you decide to grow it outdoors, a couple of factors need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure they grow into healthy and beneficial plants. These are as highlighted below.

Controlling Fungus Gnats – How to Keep Your Hydroponic Garden Pest Free

Most hydroponic gardeners face immense problems from pests that destroy their plants. As a result, they need to know how to deal with fungus, spores and other pests so that their plants are in excellent condition.

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