Broccoli Cut & Smell Test in My Tiny Worm Bin!! + Mini Burlap Sack Checkin Vermicompost Worm Farm

A Few Useful Tips on Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

The article features some of the advantages of a raised bed gardening, as well as few guidelines on setting up your raised beds garden. It includes tips on how to protect your garden from moles, gophers and other creatures.

Getting Healthy Food to Your Table Without Breaking The Bank

Do you want to bring healthy, tasty food to your family? Learn about providing safe, delicious produce for you and your children for a fraction of grocery store prices.

The Know-How to Grow Grape Vines

Grape vines can be grown in almost any type of soil and climate. The Know-How to Grow Grape Vines will give you the information you need to when it comes to planting, growing, and harvesting the fruit from your grape vines.

Tomato Gardening and Canning Tomatoes

Have you ever wondered if you could grow fresh, organic vegetables and herbs yourself, even if you’ve never really had a “green thumb?” Well, I did, and I learned that if I can do it, anyone can! In this article, growing and canning tomatoes is discussed.

Vegetables Preservation – The Different Methods

In this article you will find basic methods for preservation of vegetables. It includes the following methods: freezing vegetables, canning vegetables, drying vegetables and storing vegetables. You can enjoy the vegetables from your garden for an extended period of time.

Beware Of Mold And Rot – Set Up Your Orchid Humidity Tray The Right Way

If you don’t supply your orchids with the right humidity conditions, you run the risk of having a parched and dying orchid within a few weeks, but setting it up the wrong way can lead to mold and rot. Here’s how to do it right!

How to Grow Potatoes in a Barrel

The idea made me excited, because I don’t have much garden space to begin with and I tend to enjoy container gardening more anyway. Those of you who would like to try the benefits of this cool idea, this is how you can grow potatoes in a barrel. While most gardeners grow potatoes in open ground, an alternative, (especially for those with limited or no open ground), is to grow first early potatoes in a barrel or similar container. Be certain that the barrel is free of contamination and clean. It is very important that the barrel used is free from all residues of any previous contents.

Who Should Have Alternative Gardens?

Anyone is able to create an alternative garden. Anyone includes, the farmers, to a city town house person. For those who haven’t grown any food before you maybe at advantage, as you have no preconceived idea on what you should be doing as a gardener.

Urban Gardening

The first week of October is always sort of a shocker in Chicago for the urban gardener. The temperature drops and rain comes and leaves start to fall.

Growing Plants in Grow Bags

Find out how easy and cheap it is to grow plants in a Grow Bag. Grow Bags can fit almost anywhere and you can grow a huge variety of plants in them.

What Is Alternative Gardening?

Many of us who think of gardening organically, seem to have images of bearded human warriors who will dedicate their whole life to working on their vegetable gardens. This maybe a great way for someone to live, but for the average person, this maybe quite impossible. Especially when you work in the factors such as having job, and having a mortgage to pay off.

Organic Garden Tips: 5 Unconventional Ways To Find Space

One of the biggest problems for most organic gardeners is finding space. You just have to think outside the box, and in more than one dimension.

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