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Not All Designs for Sheds Are Permanent!

Sheds are generally very useful for homes of all size, not just larger ones – you can benefit a lot from the ability to store all your tools and extra items in a separate place, especially if you have a habit of tweaking with these things a lot of time. A shed is the perfect solution to this situation, allowing you to easily organize all your tools and similar items in a neat manner, and without taking up too much space. One common misconception some people tend to have about sheds is that building a shed is a permanent change…

Growing Deciduous Trees on Clay Soils

Let’s face it – gardening on clay soils can be tough going. Soil which is wet and sticky in winter and then dries out like concrete in summer isn’t exactly the favorite choice of most plants. And it can nearly you drive to despair when just about every tree at your local nursery carries a label saying: “needs friable, free-draining conditions”. What about trees for clay! I hear you cry. Well there are trees that will grow in heavy clay and some hardy types will actually thrive on the stuff.

Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About Garden Tillers

A garden is one of the best parts of any residential or commercial property. Everyone wants to make sure that they have a beautiful garden, which is actually helpful in making a property look more attractive. There are many different things that could help you in making your garden or lawn appealing, and a garden tiller does most of the job.

Benefits Of Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb gardening is a beautiful way to get endless supply of fresh herbs, costing you less and saving you more.There are so many benefits of having an indoor herb garden and if you are still thinking whether or not you should have one in your home, here are a few tips to help you make that decision real quick.

Composting For Kids – A Fun, Engaging, and Addicting Activity That Creates Eco-Heroes

Composting is not only an adult project, but one in which the whole family–especially kids–can dig in and take an active role in saving the earth. Composting for kids brings together the kid-friendly elements that are necessary for any kid endeavor to succeed, including simplicity, short intervals, and straight-out fun.

A Frosty Day in the Garden

I awake this morning to a severe frost in the garden. Surveying the garden from my conservatory with a mug of tea just before dawn, I am struck by the cold silvery hue of the haw frost which covers even the thinnest bare branches of the apple tree with its icy touch.

Creating and Planting a Container Garden

We all have a garden planter or two dotted around our gardens, perhaps filled with a specimen plant or a seasonal display. But there is a lot to be said for using containers as the design basis for a garden. Containers are probably one of the most versatile forms of gardening, allowing you not only to choose type of container but also the plant and its location.

Aquaponics – How to Grow Vegetables Quickly

Before delving into the details of Aquaponics, let us see how the water from your fish tank comes in handy for growing vegetables. We all know that fish produce a lot of waste, which creates ammonia, which is harmful to the fish if allowed to build up, (a major reason why we need to replace the water at regular intervals in a normal setup unless there is an effective filter system in place) In an aquaponics system the plants do the filtering.

How to Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs, also known as curl grubs, are white-C-shaped grub with a brown or black head. Lawn grubs can destroy your lawns even before you become aware of their presence…

Why Electric Garden Tillers Are a Necessary Tool for Gardeners?

If you really want your garden or lawn to look attractive, you need to make sure that you are managing it properly. Some gardeners try to do it by themselves while others take the help of different tools or machines, such as an electric garden tiller. A tiller is basically used for plowing the garden, removing the weeds and ultimately helping them in cultivating the land.

Learn How to Master Aquaponics

Learning how to master aquaponics is easy, fun and very rewarding. The process of learning on how to master aquaponics is stimulating and even exciting. It is so much different from growing vegetables in your back yard.

The Hydroponics Gardening Method – What Is It?

Hydroponics Hydroponics is a method of growing terrestrial plants without the use of soil. Using water, nutrients, and a light source, plants can be grown in a mineral nutrient solution. Scientists have found that plants obtain nutrients by absorbing them from the soil, but the soil itself is not necessary for plant growth or survival.

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