Chirata leaves benefits in hindi | How to consume medicinal herb chirata

1000 Watt Lumatek Ballast

Switching over to a 1000 watt lumatek ballast could have a number of great benefits for the operating cost of your greenhouse and the operating costs for your sunlight supply. It may take a bit of time and research to determine if you have old magnetic style ballasts and if you may qualify for any government bonuses for changing over to efficient lighting. 1000 watt lumatek ballasts are amongst the most technologically advanced and versatile lighting ballasts that are available on the market today for sunlight supply. Because of their efficiency and flexibility there are plenty of benefits to changing over to this type of ballast both for your energy savings and for your crop yield.

Problems Trees Can Cause in Your Garden

Having some big trees in your garden is a great way to improve the look of your garden and to do your bit for the local environment as you provide a home for little furry critters and spread seeds and produce more oxygen. At the same time trees can also make an ideal place for kids to play and climb and to build tree houses and all of this makes them brilliant additions to any home. However this is only true under the right circumstances, and actually there are situations unfortunately where trees can become more hassle…

Tools for the Perfect Garden

A quick guide to the only gardening equipment you really need. Having a good spade is essential for digging in your garden. When choosing a spade, look for one with a steel head and a strong wooden of fibreglass handle with a good grip.

Are Your Plants Struggling to Thrive?

Does your soil lack structure or fertility? Green manure plants are grown specifically to improve soil structure and fertility. Knowing what soil type you have is key to understanding how to improve it and what plants to grow, or not as the case may be.

4 Tips to Manage a Great DIY Aquaponics Farm

An aquaponics system is a great way to raise plants and even fish at the same time. Lots of commercial organic farmers and home gardening enthusiasts are looking for tips on DIY aquaponics.

Purchases to Help You Throw the Ultimate Garden Party

Having a party in your garden is just good sense. On the one hand a garden party means that you and your guests can enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine and it will automatically make your party feel kitsch and twee which can be a lot of fun as something different.

Rose – A Plant Grown for Its Beautiful Flowers

Being a plant that provides beautiful and fragrant blooms rose is well known as a plant any housewife will love to have in her garden. The flowers are either white or of a great variety of colors from light shades of yellow and pink to bright red.

Herbal Fact Sheets: Agrimony

This is a concise herb fact sheet on agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria). This medicinal herb has antiseptic astringent properties, and has long been used in home remedies.

All About Vegetable Seeds

Usually in the month of April there is a tradition of planting vegetable seeds in the ground. People really enjoy planting some of them in their gardens as mostly they turn out to be very fruitful. The month of April is much suitable for successfully sowing and maintaining the initial stage of growth. April also brings the rain and consistent sunny days. There are many other agricultural programs that are also kept to be initiated in the month of April.

Indoor Plant Insects – Spider Mites and Mealybugs

When we start thinking of house plants, the idea of indoor plant insects does not usually occur to us. Unfortunately, there are a few insects that attack indoor plants. Like their outdoor counterparts, these indoor insects are destructive to the plants that they inhabit. Also like their outdoor counterparts, as soon as the symptoms of an infestation becomes noticeable, immediate action needs to be taken.

10 Valuable Vegetable Tips for Indoor Gardening

When you’re selecting vegetables to grow in an indoor garden, your best choices are usually smaller cool-climate and early-season plants. These include tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables, leafy greens and herbs. Listed below are 10 indoor growing tips to help you in your quest for a great indoor vegetable garden.

Planting a Coastal Garden

For those lucky enough to live by the coast there are however a few problems posed to the gardener. Strong, often salty winds are probably the main problem for the coastal gardener to contend with. But with appropriate shelter from the wind and a few well chosen plants, coastal gardens have a magic all of their own. Here is a short guide to gardening by the sea and a few plants that will positively thrive in a coastal environment.

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