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How To Grow Mushrooms From Plug Spawn

The other day while rambling through the local home and garden show, I came across a small booth tucked away in a corner where a kind-looking gentleman was selling mushroom plug spawn. Intrigued, I stopped to chat and soon decided that, as I had no idea at all how to grow mushrooms, it seemed a charming hobby which, I was assured, really was very easy and took no time at all.

Expert Tips On Growing Indoor Citrus Trees

Botanists have finally perfected a project they had been working on for more than 20 years. Indoor dwarf sized citrus trees that actually produce edible fruits. Now you can grow miniature oranges, limes grapefruit, lemons, kumquats and mandarins can all be found in dwarf varieties.

Top 5 Ideas On Small Space Gardening

Learn how to create beautiful gardens in a small space. This article explores small space gardening in depth.

How to Set Up Your Own Vegetable Garden

If you have a little garden space that you can convert into a vegetable patch, then you’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can save with even a small space. Vegetable gardening has become so popular of late that you can have a ready-made veggie garden up and growing in your yard in just a couple of hours. Raised garden kits make setting up your garden quick and easy and you don’t even have to toil the soil to get the best results.

Types of Raised Garden Beds and Why They Work

Raised bed gardening is ideal if you live in an area that suffers from bad soil quality. By creating a patch of well fertilized quality soil at any depth, you can grow virtually any type of plant quickly with the minimum amount of work. Not only are they great for creating instant gardens, but they are also extremely easy to maintain and offer a range of drainage systems to suit any type of plant.

Garden Bed Kits for Quick and Easy Gardening

If you are an avid gardener living in a location with bad quality soil or very little workable land, then you’ll appreciate the abundant supply of different garden bed kits and container gardening tools that are available these days. Kits can be purchased through a range of online retailers such as Amazon or from your local nursery and can turn even a concrete slab into a wonderfully productive vegetable garden beds.

Organic Gardening – Reasons Why Tomato Crops Can Fail

Tomatoes are one of the most common crops grown in the home garden. They are an easy crop to grow, but can have their challenges at times. Knowing the signs to look for before a problem occurs will save you a lot of time that would normally of be wasted, along with the crop.

Growing in Coco Part 1

Made from coconut husks, Coco coir is a great grow medium. It’s also known as coir fibre, Coir, Coco, and Coco fibre.

Growing in Coco Part 2

My last article, Growing in Coco Part 1, explained some of the benefits of using Coco and talked about the different forms it can take. In this second article, I will talk about other forms of Coco, which nutrients to use, and some other tips for growing in this medium. In addition to Boss cubes and loose Coco, you can also get Coco in other forms such as bricks, chips, and croutons.

Organic Garden Soil – The Importance Of Phosphorus

Phosphorous is an essential element classified as a macro-nutrient, and one of the three nutrients normally found in fertilizers. One of the main roles it plays in living organisms is in the transfer of energy. It assists in the conversion of the suns energy and other chemicals, like nitrogen, into a usable food for plant life. The deficiency of phosphorous in plants will lead to a stunted, sickly plants with a lower quality flower or fruit.

How To Grow Your Own Kitchen Herb Window Box

The smell of fresh rosemary, basil or mint on my hands when I am cooking is wonderful and really puts me in the mood for preparing a delicious dish. Many have discovered that a fresh herb window box is the answer to having fresh herbs in their cooking. There is nothing nicer than being able to grow your own fresh herbs and salad greens. So why not grow them in a window box, or anywhere near the kitchen, where you can pick them when you are preparing your meal.

Garden Leisure – For a Comfortable Outdoor Lifestyle

With the improving Spring weather we are now starting to think about our gardens and getting them ready for some garden leisure time. The harsh winter weather leaves a trail of devastation on what was once the perfect setting for some comfortable outdoor living, but with a few hours of tender loving care the garden can be transformed just by tidying the flower beds and removing any leaves and plants from last year.

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