Collecting Red Wiggler Worm Cocoons For An Experiment

The Art of Backfilling When Planting Trees

When you obtain a tree that you wish to plant in your yard, part of the instructions will involve backfilling. This will apply if you have a whip or if you have a young tree. It should be noted that one may wish to grow trees from seedlings; however when this is done it can take a very long time for that tree to grow, sometimes it can take up to a decade for it to reach a good height.

Solar Greenhouses

With the ever increasing interest in all things solar due to rising energy costs, greenhouses are no exception. Lots of people have lots of questions about them. There are many differences in the construction of a conventional greenhouse versus a solar greenhouse.

Sandy Loam Soil Characteristics

Soil is described by textures and classified by the fractions of sand, silt, and clay. Loam is the concentration of the sand, silt, and clay; therefore it is referred to as “sandy clay” or “silty clay”. If you have sandy loam soil you will have few limitations as to what you can plant and expect a “green thumb” experience.

Garden Pond Maintenance: Getting Your Garden Pond Ready for Spring

If you live in a climate where autumns are orange and winters are white, maintaining a garden pond will require more effort than if you lived where the seasons stay green. Once you winterize your equipment for the cold months, garden pond maintenance stops. And when it starts again, it can be a bear. If you’ll soon face a spring garden pond that you aren’t sure how to maintain, we list the ideal steps for bringing it back from its long hibernation.

Organic Gardening – The Importance Of Feeding Your Garden Soil

Bio-diversity is very important, both above and below ground, in having a healthy soil structure. It is the interaction among species that contribute to a bio-diverse garden. Most home gardeners focus their interest in the visible components that makeup a garden, not knowing that the most important part of a landscape is what is happening below ground, and that soil needs to be fed just like any other form of life does.

Building a Shed in Your Garden

If you like working in your garden, you will surely have a good deal of tools and accessories to help you, like trowels, spades, brooms, rakes and so on. Now it is time to think of building a shed, so that you can keep all this tools and tidy up your nice and beautiful courtyard or garden. In this article you will find some tips that will help you choose the right shed plans for you.

How to Safely Ship Flowers and Keep Them Alive

If you want to learn how to safely ship flowers and keep them alive, this article will guide you from start to finish. There are many considerations to keep in mind before attempting the shipping of flowers if you want them to arrive safely at their destination. Of course, if you are sending artificial flowers, the only thing you will need to make sure of is that your flowers don’t get squashed in transit. Sending live flowers is more complicated but feasible.

Getting Family Together in The Culinary Herb Garden and in the Kitchen

Welcome to the Culinary Herb Garden. Here we will explore how gardening is a Family Activity that brings families closer together by gardening. Then harvesting the work and enjoying it in the kitchen.

How To Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

It takes a great deal of work to start your own vegetable garden. However, if you’re successful at it, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables instead of purchasing store bought. The first thing you need to do is set aside a special area with soft soil. You may want to place a little fence around this area to let people know this is where you intend to put your garden so they know not to walk in this area.

Container Gardening On Your Patio Gives You Freedom of Choice

With spring fast approaching, many folks are thinking of gardening and how to do gardening without a lot of space or even a garden plot. The answer is container gardening. Suppose you have a small patio and you’d like to have a variety of plants with easy access. Container gardening allows you to use your patio for all its other uses, as well as support your garden.

How to Know the Right Compost Tumbler Types

Compost tumbler types have evolved through time that ever since it was launched to the market, variations of it have changed and progressed. Compost bins today are already being offered in several interesting designs, styles, shapes, sizes, material, and even capacity. So from toiling and working then on just compost piles, compost tumblers have now been created to make composting much easier and more effective to do.

Seedling Mat – Here Are the Steps for Proper Use

Seeds are the very foundation to a great garden. Seeds mark the beginning to a garden, whether vegetable, herb or flower. Ideal conditions are a must to seed growth beginnings, just as everything else in life. Ideal surroundings is vital for seeds to germinate effectively.

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