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Water Orchids

When you water orchids and how much you water them depends on the climate that you live in and the season of the year. In temperate countries, as a general rule of thumb, you only need to water your orchids once in a week in cold months. When it is warm and sunny, water them twice a month.

Mammalian Raiders and Wild Bird Food

Are squirrels and other mammals constantly raiding your wild bird feeders? Squirrels can be especially cunning when it comes to reaching bird feeders going to extreme lengths to get their prize. Here are some ways you can level the playing field and keep your wild bird foods safe for your intended guests.

A Beginners Guide to Growing Tomato Plants

Setting up a new tomato garden? In this article Gryffith discusses the need to start simply and gives suggestions on the easiest way to do this.

An Orchid Wedding Bouquet Makes For a Great Day

Flowers are extremely important to a bride, especially in her bouquet. For a truly eye-catching look how about the Phalaenopsis orchid? Their leaves have been said to look like moth wings in flight and give the plant its nickname of The Moth Orchid.

Important Information About Watering Orchids

Many think because orchids are mostly a tropical plant they need lots of water. Many people kill the plant because they over water it. They are very sensitive plants so treating them properly is important to make sure that you get the most out of your orchid. Getting your watering routine is imperative.

Container Gardening 101

Have you tried container gardening? Creating arrangements in containers are perfect to bring color to small areas. You’ll have fun trying out different arrangements of flowers in a variety of containers.

A Delightful Experience of Growing Orchids Indoors

Contrary to popular opinion, orchids are not difficult to grow indoors. In actuality they require very little care and do not need a greenhouse or other special growing area. The Phalaenopsis also known as the Moth Orchid is one of the most popular house orchids as it grows very well in moderate temperatures and also only needs dappled light.

Orchid Lighting – What You Should Know

Controlling orchid lighting is a critical factor to gain the luxuriant blooms which are so highly prized by hobbyists and florists alike. Light that is overly intense, such as too many hours in direct sun, will do damage and is likely to give your orchid yellow leaves. This article provides guidelines to ensure that your Orchid gets exactly the right amount.

Landscape Garden Designs – Choosing the Right One For Your Garden

Choosing the right landscape garden design for your garden is not an easy task. There are as many designs to choose from as there are gardens; breaking it down is not easy. This article looks at some key tips from Gardening Services London for choosing the right design for your garden.

Tips on Installing Butterfly House

A small butterfly house to be installed in your garden can be made of wood or any other durable and heat resistant material. It can be installed on poles or on tree branches or simply on the ground.

9 Ways to Save Money on Gardening

This article provides nine money saving tips to help you save money on your gardening. We know that gardening is fun, and is a great activity, so we want you to be able to enjoy it no matter what your budget.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

There are as many ways to landscape a backyard as there are ideas that the imagination can create. First however, there are considerations to take into account.

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