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Greenhouse Heaters – Are They Necessary?

I am asked all of the time if a heater is needed in a greenhouse. For the most part, the answer is yes. Greenhouses will not maintain much of the heat that they build up during the day on their own.

Quick Tips On Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is a way of planning a small-scale planted garden and is a practice which uses other natural gardening concepts. This technique is perfect for locations with extremely poor soil as well as inexperienced gardeners or individuals with disabilities. Normally, the original technique for this practice incorporates an open box separated by girds and contains limited amount of soil.

Tips For The Novice Gardener – How To Create And Maintain A Beautiful Garden

A chance to own a beautiful garden is the objective for most people worldwide. This is not really surprising, because when you think about what is involved in this activity anyone can take advantage of resources offered by gardening centers such as Dobbies to make this a success. But, it will also require is a good amount of commitment and patience to be able to create the ideal garden.

Poppy Seeds – Create Elegant Borders With Antique Looking Poppies

Creating a garden palette comes down largely to your personal preference of flower types, color and fragrance. Antique and rustic looking gardens can offer a wonderful sense of calm and elegance, and there are a number of varieties of poppies which are perfect for conjuring up this desired feeling.

Poppy Seeds – Ensure the Best for Your Peony Poppies

An absolutely stunning group of annual poppies easily grown from poppy seeds are those that fall into the Peony Poppy (Papaver Paeoniflorum) family. Like their name suggests these varieties have flowers similar to those found on peonies, providing a multitude of huge blousy blooms to fill your flower borders with. However, to gain the best from your poppies there are a couple of tips which can help prolong and intensify flowering.

Proper Caring of Your Roses

One of the extremely desirable flowers on earth is the roses and is often coined as the queen of flowers. Nobody will refute the inherent beauty that the roses possess and gardeners prize their hard labors of successfully growing their rose beds.

Organic Gardening – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, pH, and Compost

The single most important soil amendment to any garden is compost. It enriches garden soil, promotes the development of needed organisms, along with beneficial insect populations, aids in moisture retention,and aids in the stability pH levels. Having a compost pile or bin is very beneficial when organic gardening. Just about any plant material can be recycled into a valuable compost, along with many everyday organic household and yard waste,like coffee grounds, eggshells, grass clippings, plant trimmings, shredded paper products, vegetable and fruit peelings or scraps. If you add grass clipping to your compost pile, be sure they have not been treated with any chemical herbicides or pesticide. shredded leaves are also excellent for composting, and can even be composted alone as leaf mold.

Repotting Orchids: A Step By Step Guide

Repotting orchids can be difficult if you’re not really sure how to go about doing it. Here’s a systematic method for repotting orchids.

Sowing And Reaping

Ever thought about the adage “what you sow is what you reap?” For years, if not ages, this statement has been quite a stand out in many childhood slogan contests and even at some college essay writing contests. For long, the truth hidden behind this infamous adage has never failed to work.

The Garden Gourmet Composter: How to Use and Its Benefits

Composting can be one the many great activities that can help lead to a better world. Not only are you helping contribute to a trash-less environment, you are also recycling many of the materials that you thought were useless already. You can do so much by composting your kitchen scraps and garden wastes by using a Garden Gourmet Composter. Learn the benefits and the how to steps to using this composting bin.

Using Organic Fertilizers for Vegetables

Not all gardens (whether it’s a flower or herb garden) can be left satisfied with what they already have, especially when it comes to vegetable gardens. Sure they have soil, some water for moisture, and a bit of nourishment that they get under the ground. But did you know that your garden could also benefit from a little more boost, so that it may thrive better? Well, you can! That’s why there’s organic fertilizers for vegetables. Organic compost can do so much especially when you feed your garden with this natural substance.

Garden Fresh

I used to imagine a home that is nestled in a garden that bloomed in effervescent green and tangerine flowers of any sort. I also thought of having a glass house that reflected the garden into the inner sanctum of the living room as well as the bathroom almost making the entire house a garden in itself. That’s how I want my home to be, green and alive, as in literally having live plants inside and outside of the corners of my abode.

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