Compost Hamster Bedding with ANCs – Mealworms and Cocoons 01/25/2022

Compost Hamster Bedding with ANCs - Mealworms and Cocoons 01/25/2022

Alternative Vegetable Gardening – How Does It Work?

Everyone knows that growing vegetables, and maintaining a vegetable garden involves a lot of work, and it can be quite difficult to do. It involves weeding, digging, crop rotation, fertilizing, watering, resting beds, winter crops, and spraying pests. The details that go into vegetables is quite extensive, and that is only the short version of the list.

Common Garden Pests – The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

An insect free garden. You certainly do not want that. Here are some examples of good insects and bad insects.

Wedding Orchids – Thousands of Lovely Choices

Orchids have been a wedding favorite for many, many years. They make an absolutely gorgeous and very memorable bridal bouquet. There are thousands of large and small varieties of orchids. They can make spectacular table displays for your reception, as well as altar flower arrangements, accessories for the pews, and arbor decorations.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Gardens – A Perfect Match

The best lighting choice you can make for the plants in your garden is choosing to use compact fluorescent light bulbs. There are many reasons why they are best, and I will do my best to explain those reasons for you here.

Watering Orchids – How Much Is Too Much?

Since orchids originated in rainforests, many people assume they need lots of water. In fact, the roots of many species of orchids need to dry out between waterings. How much water is too much for your orchid?

Five Benefits Of Growing An Alternative Garden

There are many benefits in growing an alternative garden. Here in this article I will go through what they are. 1 – Controlling Pest Management The way that an alternative garden is created, will allow you to control the pest without you having to do anything.

Caring For Orchids – Easier Than You Think

For a long time orchids were thought to be the special property of the rich and of other lucky hobbyists who had plenty of spare time and money to devote to these elegant flowers. Caring for orchids takes a bit of extra attention, but the results are more than worth it – and you don’t have to pour a lot of money or time into the project. Read on for some useful, quick tips to get you going in the right direction.

Small Garden Design Ideas – Introduction

How is small garden design different? Uses of hardscape in the small garden. How do you include a hidden turn in a small garden? Why is small garden design more fun than large gardens?

Growing Grapes at Home for Anyone

Growing grapes at home is not hard to do, anyone can accomplish this. Whether you are growing grapes as a hobby or growing them commercially, it’s all the same. The only difference is the size of your vineyard.

Important Things to Know When Repotting Orchids

Repotting orchids is an important step in growing healthy orchids. If you want to grow beautiful orchid plants, you must know the right steps on orchids repotting.

Growing Tomatoes in Hydroponics

Growing in hydroponics can sound a bit daunting, complex, expensive and certainly not something that you can try at home. Let me show you how easy it it can be to grow your own tomato plants in your very own homemade hydroponic system. You can have your own hydroponic system up and running in a very short time at very low cost.

Where Have All The Orchids Gone?

It is amazing to me that orchids are not in every home and office; they are so diverse and beautiful. I can’t understand, with the thousands of different varieties and hybrids, why everyone isn’t beautifying their spaces with them. Perhaps they heard some bad orchid information, like I initially did.

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