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A Potting Bench Makes Gardening in Pots and Containers an Effortless Job

Lots of people love the idea of having a beautiful and lush garden right outside their homes. However, they scoff at all the labor it takes in order to have one. Indeed, gardening can take a lot of work for weeds have to be taken out and the ground must be tilled.

Using Native Planting to Encourage Wildlife

If you are planning on creating a wildlife garden, one of the best planting options is to include native species. At the very least you should attempt to include a range of ornamental strains developed from native specimens. Plants which are naturally growing in a region will often thrive in gardens as they are already adapted to the environment in which they are growing. This therefore means that they require less work to maintain, in addition to providing insects, birds, mammals and other creatures with a natural transition from wild habitat to carefully managed garden.

How to Decorate Your Garden To Make It Beautiful

The garden or the lawn is a very important part of a house. A lot of people possess the hobby of gardening. It not only enhances the look of your house but also helps you to fetch a lot of appreciation.

Pruning Orchids – A Simple Guide

Pruning orchids can greatly increase their growth and keep them healthy. Unfortunately, mistakes in this area can cost you your plant. View this simple guide for advice on pruning orchids.

Phragmipedium Orchids – Do You Know The 5 Decisions You Must Make When Growing Phragmipediums?

Phragmipedium orchids are more commonly known as slipper orchids. Twenty species of these types of orchids can be found from South West Mexico to Central and South America. In order to grow them successfully, there are certain decisions you have to make. Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you grow this orchid.

How to Make an Ecological Hanging Basket

How to make an environmentally friendly hanging basket that waters itself, and grows flowers, vegetables and herbs organically – around your porch! It’s free, uses recycled materials and is a perfect little model of natural gardening.

Two Main Orchids Types

Over thousands of orchid species exist, but did you know that there are actually only two main orchids types? Orchids are classified according to where they grow. Orchids that grow on rocks, trees and poles are classified as epiphytic orchids, while those that grow on the ground are called terrestrial orchids.

Orchids: Water and Care Guidelines For Thriving Plants

Watering is a key element in cultivating a healthy, growing orchid. These 8 simple tips will lead to a thriving, gorgeous orchid.

Growing Your Own Food Is Easier Than You Might Think

There idea of growing your own food has a lot of appeal. The ability to have complete control over the quality of your food and nutrition, not having to deal with the grocery stores or paying their high prices are just some of the things that give the idea such appeal. But most people continue to pay for unfresh and processed food year after year.

Want To Grow Your Own Food Without The Typical Gardening Hassles?

Many people are discouraged from growing their own food because of all the time and effort it takes to grow a garden. And most people don’t have a plot of fertile land available. For most, working the soil, fertilizing, pulling weeds and all the work just doesn’t fit into their busy lives. But there is a way to grow food that eliminates all of this.

Attracting Bees With Nectar Rich Planting

One of best ways to attract bees into your garden is by providing the nectar rich plants that they love. Gardens are not quite the same without the wonderful drone of insects throughout the summer months, and watching a sole bumblebee bouncing through the flowers is a wonderful sight. And whether you simply want to provide a wildlife haven, or want those bees to come and pollinate your vegetables, providing nectar rich plants is a must.

Flower Box for Gardening

There are different types of flower boxes. One of them is the planter box. This type of flower box is usually placed on the patio and can also be placed indoors. With its shape, placing flowering plants like bougainvillea, will surely compliment the flower box itself.

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