Compost Worm Bin Eats Eggs?

Compost Worm Bin Eats Eggs?

Orchid Lights – The Correct Spectrum

Orchid lights can be a great enhancement to your growing or lighting needs. When the available space and light is at a premium an orchid lighting system is a reasonable answer.

Phal Orchid – Alias – Phalaenopsis Orchid

Information on the Phal orchid and its natural habitat, including guidance on potting and potting media. Included are tips for growing indoors and for making health checks on your plant.

Tips for Pruning Roses

Pruning roses is important to plant health because it encourages new growth and removes winter-damaged limbs. Different classes of rose required different methods of pruning at varying times of the year. Climbing roses and rose bushes are two classes of roses which required slightly different techniques for pruning. This article will help explain some general rules for pruning and should serve as a basic guide on how to prune roses.

How to Maintain Your Urban Farm

Maintaining a garden need not be looked upon as a tedious chore. The tasks may seem daunting for some but it really is an enjoyable thing to do especially if you love what you’re doing.

Tea Herb Gardening – Fresh Tea In Your Own Backyard

While vegetable and flower gardens take a lot of time to grow from seed, you can begin tea herb gardening with very little time commitment at all. Most herbal teas grow extremely fast, often developing from seed to full grown plants full of leaves within four or five weeks. Why Grow Herbal Tea?

Growing Vanda Orchids

Helpful guide on growing Vanda orchids successful at home. Vanda orchids are those amazing orchids that could be cultivated with relative simplicity. Growing Vanda’s orchids in your own home isn’t difficult at all if you follow these helpful guidelines.

What Is a CSA Or Community Supported Agriculture?

If you want to have the freshest foods on your table, a CSA or community supported agriculture membership is a way to go. Unless you farm or have time to grow fruits and vegetables. The bounty you receive will be enough to feed your family.

The 4 Effective Ways to Care for Your Orchids

Many of us think caring for orchids is a mystical wonder that only garden experts can master. With the right know-how just about anyone can effectively care for their orchids and have the gorgeous blooms they have always admired.

Tumbling Compost Bin

Anyone that gardens can attest to the importance of nourishing the ground with minerals. Composting is one way to do that and besides being inexpensive; it prevents the need to haul the organic material to a landfill. However, creating a compost pile and maintaining it isn’t always that easy.

Should You Use a Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler?

Are you using a regular compost bin? If so, you may want to consider using a tumbleweed compost tumbler. A compost tumbler is a solution that makes it easier to make compost for your gardening needs.

Garden Compost Bins

Many people are now choosing to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home as it is the healthier option. You do not need to use chemicals to help you grow them and you can make your own organic fertilizer very easily. Garden compost bins are easy to set up and once established will ensure that you have fantastic fertilizer all year round.

Urban Compost Tumbler

With an urban compost tumbler you can reduce your use of your indoor garbage disposal and do something good for the environment. These simple and efficient devices are a great way of recycling leftover kitchen scraps and the resulting compost provides you with free soil amendments that you can use in your yard or garden. Instead of traditional compost bins that require steady effort and constant checks to make sure the contents are decomposing properly the urban compost tumbler does most of the work for you.

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