Compost Worm Bin Problems- European Night Crawlers

Ergonomic Gardening Tools – How Important Are They?

To those who love gardening, spending a whole afternoon cultivating soil, planting seeds, or watering plants are quite enjoyable and very fulfilling. But to those who have not developed a love for gardening yet see such activities as tedious or too much work.

Chiang Dao Flowers of Thailand

Chaing dao is at the northern end of Thailand. It is in fact only a short drive from Chiang Mai. The name Chiang Dao translates literally to “City of Stars”. Famous for so many tourist related things such as it’s caves,hiking, rafting and even elephant centres, many come to Chaing Dao for the flowers.

Six Tips For Growing the Finest Asters Around

Asters tend to grow like teenagers–tall and gawky. Most varieties reach 2-4 feet in height; dwarf asters stay smaller, of course. Keep your asters under control by frequently trimming stray branches and spent flowers.

How to Make Your Yard Look Like a Botanical Garden

So you want to know how to build a botanical garden in your yard? Before you start digging carefully consider what you really want from the garden. You may soon discover that an average size garden cannot easily provide the requirements for a botanical garden.

Orchid Care For You

Most types of orchids don’t involve anymore effort than any other home or backyard plants. However, some orchids do have particular necessities. The first thing in your orchid care should be to discover the particular requirements your flower needs.

Onion Growing Tips and Tricks

Hey, it’s not as easy as you think to grow awesome onions in your home garden! Follow these simple steps and your onions will be incredibly happy.

10 Steps For Planting Trees and Shrubs Correctly

Transplant your trees and shrubs correctly to give them a good start in life. These 10 tips are great general information for all kinds of trees and shrubs.

6 Perennial Garden Basics

Designing a perennial garden is fun and rewarding, providing habitat for birds and beneficial insects as well as enhancing the curb appeal of your home. The design possibilities for your garden are as varied as the gardeners who plant them. Here are six basic steps which will help you create a beautiful perennial garden you can truly enjoy!

You Can Easily Grow Vegetables in Containers

Even if you are very limited on space it is still entirely possible to grow your own organic vegetables. You can still save money on your grocery bill and live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not as hard as you may think, give it a try!

Latest Garden Furniture

The latest garden furniture on show. You should be looking to improve the outlook for your living space using the latest garden furniture such as the simple yet practical modern plant pots that are gracing homes all over the country. The shops are happy to indulge you and the costs are not prohibitive. In short there is no real reason why you cannot access the benefits of these items in the short run.

What to Do With Your Bedding Plants

Many people know that bedding plants help create a beautiful garden, but if you don’t know how to choose them or arrange them, you could easily miss the mark with your designs. Read now and learn some useful tips for choosing and using.

Ten Biggest Mistakes Gardeners Make

A review of the most frequent errors beginning and expert gardeners make. What to do and what not to do!

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