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Solid Purple Leaved Heuchera Cultivars

The solid purple Heuchera cultivars leave most people speechless. They are simply stunning and are great as color opposites for brightly colored plants. Below is a description of some of the best solid purple Heucheras on the market today.

Ruffled-Leaf Heuchera Cultivars

The ruffled Heuchera cultivars add a wonderful textural element to the garden. Below is a description of some of the best ruffled Heuchera for use in humid southern gardens. Check out other articles in our Heuchera series for the description of other Heuchera groups such as yellow or ruffled varieties.

Villosa Hybrid Heuchera Cultivars

For gardeners in the southeast U.S., where humid summers are common, Heuchera cultivars with some villosa blood in them are the best. They can withstand the heat and humidity of the southeast and will perform well for you. Below is a description of the best villosa types. Check out other articles in our Heuchera series for the description of other Heuchera groups such as ruffled or red varieties.

Coral Bells Cultivars for Floral Displays

Some Coral Bells cultivars provide a great flower show in addition to their charming foliage. The following cultivars make great cut flowers in addition to great garden subjects. Check out other articles in our Heuchera series for the description of other Heuchera groups such as yellow or ruffled varieties.

How To Start Growing Grapes At Home

These days you can find many people creating their own garden. You maybe surprised to know that many are even growing grapes at home. Grapes are wonderful addition to any garden however; they do have a few special needs to think about before you begin growing. A little bit of planning, and you’ll find yourself with some wonderful tasty grapes.

Orchid Information That Every Orchid Grower Should Know

Orchids are a different breed of plant. Their beauty is simply breathtaking and the flowers that bloom from them are not short of that adjective either. Their colors and scent also bring indescribably joy and happiness to a lot of people.

Tips For Growing Tomatoes in Pots

We seem to have an irrepressible urge to grow tomatoes and who can blame us, fresh, healthy, tasty fruit right on our doorstep. Although relatively easy to grow, they do take a lot of looking after. However, they are one of the things we are able to grow in pots, so garden or not, we can all grow tomatoes!!

When to Buy Topsoil

Some gardeners stubbornly refuse to accept that there are times that they will need to buy topsoil for their garden. Many times they are right in saying that compost or even the existing soil will be enough but this is only true if the existing soil is of sufficient quality. Buying topsoil is an absolute must for people whose soil is poor quality.

Tips For Feeding Roses

Roses are strong growing plants, making a heavy demand on the food reserves of the soil. A regular programme of manuring must be followed, and it must take the form of a properly balanced diet.

Double Knockout Rose – Adding Beauty to the Garden Without Any Additional Maintenance

A double knockout rose is a rose that flowers from a small bushy shrub rose-plant. The flower is called the double knockout rose because of the volume of the flower, which gives it the appearance of two flowers blooming at the same time.

Hanging Baskets

A brief guide to choosing the right hanging baskets and the right plants to go in them. You’ll find a range of baskets and accessories on the enduring gardener website. There’s also tips and gadgets to help make your hanging baskets a glowing success.

The Secret To Keeping Your Orchid’s Roots Healthy

Treat your orchid’s roots the way they grow in the wild. This article explains how orchid roots grow in their natural habitat and provides guidelines to key factors such as watering, daylight, humidity, fertiliser and potting medium for creating the ideal conditions to growing a healthy indoor orchid.

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