Taking Care Of Orchids – And Not Killing Them Off

Taking care of orchids is not as difficult as it may initially appear. But the flip side to that good piece of news is that it is also very easy to kill them off. So how do you successfully take care of an orchid? Well, to do that you have to understand what orchids do and don’t like. The orchid is a fussy little soul and doesn’t like excesses. They do not like too much water, or too much sunlight, and to keep you on your toes they like moisture and light. So the key to keeping your orchid happy is balance.

How to Create a Fragrant Herbal Lawn Using Herb Plants or Herbs Grown From Seed

Thyme is not only a versatile culinary herb, it can also be used as a “ground-covering” plant to create soft, verdant lawns which release their fragrance when trodden on. It’s not difficult for anyone to create a thyme lawn, even a herb gardening beginner. Once planted, each year a thyme lawn will bring endless pleasure to family and friends during the summer months. This article provides simple and straightforward instructions on how to plan, plant and look after a thyme lawn.

Fall Gardening – A Little Toil For Greater Satisfaction

The basics of fall gardening are in no way different from spring or year round gardening. Sunlight, air, water, (and of course) porous, rich soil effect the germination of seeds and help in the proper growth of plants and trees.

Growing Fruit

Growing fruit can be done on a large scale for commercial purposes, or it can be done on a smaller scale for personal enjoyment. Regardless of why you’re doing it, here are a few things you might like to know.

Herbal Ground Cover Plants – The Benefits Of Living Mulch

What is ground cover or living mulch? It is any low-growing plant used to grow, spread, and provide a dense cover over hard to maintain areas such as narrow areas and steep slopes. Living mulch around the rock garden eliminates weed eating and looks beautiful! It’s so easy to do.

Terracotta Strawberry Planter

Strawberries not only taste great, but there colour brings added beauty to your garden. Growing them at home in a terracotta strawberry planter is an easy and beautiful way to grow your own fruit and add tasteful decor to your garden.

Recommendations for Outdoor and Indoor Bonsai Trees

Originally, the bonsai tree was meant to be grown outdoors, but in recent years, they have come to be a beautiful, indoor decoration. Different varieties of bonsai trees are more suitable for indoor use, while others flourish in an outdoor environment.

The Types Of Plants That Grow Well In An Aquaponics System

People have been farming in the soil in basically the same way for thousands of years. Equipment and technology may change but the basic concept has stayed the same. There is a growing trend of farmers who have decided to leave behind this outdated method of growing food.

Gardenia Plants Grown Indoors and Outdoors

Gardenia plants and being able to understand all their needs can be grown outdoors in your landscaping or as houseplants. Gardenia plants prefer to have partial shade outside and plenty of sunshine grown indoors.

Tips for Growing Garlic

Learn to grow garlic in your garden and indoors. This versatile seasoning is one of the essential ingredients in many recipes. Garlic is easy to grow and can even protect your other garden crops from insect attacks.

Learning How to Grow Grape Vines

When you are still learning hot to grow grape vines, it is important that it would be easier for you if have selected the best variety that will flourish in your location. More and more backyard growers are becoming successful in growing grapes in the garden or backyard even with very extreme climate.

Natural Gardening Tips for Growing Beans – Intensively and Fast

An easy bio-intensive system for growing more beans or peas in a small garden. Using this ultra-lazy method, the legumes inhibit weeds automatically and provide their own mulch.

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