DIY Trash Can Worm Bin – Adding More Worms 02/06/2022

DIY Trash Can Worm Bin - Adding More Worms 02/06/2022

A PVC Greenhouse – Step by Step

Assuming that you’ve already chosen the perfect spot to place your small pvc greenhouse, here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a simple pvc house of your own. It’s not that hard to do…I promise!

Organic in the Garden – Colourful Annuals Suitable For Pots

Many people like growing annual plants in pots to prevent them from free seeding. Another benefit is the ability to change pots around to alter the colour arrangement.

Learn How To Grow Grape Vines

Learning how to grow grape vines is something that many home gardeners are interested in. Plants that have been properly cared for are capable of producing delicious fruit that you and your family can harvest and enjoy. They can also be strategically grown to provide a beautiful backdrop to any outdoor location.

Planting Asparagus – Tips For Planting Asparagus in Your Garden

Asparagus is an old favourite in the vegetable garden, but it can be hard to grow. However, as more varieties become available, so more planting ideas appear. Growing asparagus requires patience, but is well worth the wait!

Organic in the Garden – Hardy Annuals for Summer Colour

Organic gardening methods should naturally flow into the formal garden and this of course includes the annual colour and flower beds. Annuals growing in exposed areas are subject to more elements.

Organic in the Garden – Annual Flowers Suitable For Cut Flower Displays

There are many annual flowering plants suitable for cut flower displays. Flowers should have an extended life after cutting and no or low pollen.

Herbs and Their Uses and Applications

The study of herbs and their uses can take you in a number of directions. From cooking herbs to poultices, teas, essential oils or homeopathic tinctures, all of these techniques that can make your herbal experience richer and more effective. It can also improve your life. The results can range from quicker healing injuries to soothing away a very stressful day.

Great Grapes for Growing in a Home Vineyard

Grapes were grown originally both in the New World and Eastern Europe. However, Columbus brought back to Europe some species that have been hybridized. These hybridized species have become well-known in Australia and in the US. Historians believe that most grape growing began in Turkish and Greek culture. Grapes that were brought to other areas of Europe were normally wild in origin. These grapes for growing came from the New World parts of South America and Mexico.

Organic in the Garden – Colourful Annuals For Sheltered and Shady Areas

There are hundreds of formal flowering species recognised as annuals. An annual is a plant that grows from seed and goes to seed within a single growth cycle.

Vegetable Gardens – Tips For the Best Results

Fresh vegetables seem to be costing more and more to buy, especially should you want anything that is out of season and usually they’re pretty tasteless. So how useful would it be if you were able to grow your own fresh, tasty vegetables right in your back yard. It’s actually pretty simple to do.

Gardening-Beauty Presentation Is Always Necessary

Gardening As a Hobby? Gardening as a peace of mind? Gardening a sign of pleasure? Every good country needs a good show, as presentation is always necessary.

Paphiopedilum Orchid AKA Paph Orchid

An overview of the paphiopedilum orchid species. This includes some of the more popular species giving a description and growing conditions.

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