Propagating Orchids at Home

There are many ways of propagating orchids that can be done right at home. Methods of orchid propagation commonly utilized by home gardeners are division, keikis, back bulbs and aerial cuttings.

Shade-Tolerant Vines for Garden Obelisks

Although there are many vines that grow well in full sun, there are many that are less well-known that will grow well in partial to deep shade. Planted in ideal growing conditions, these vines will quickly cover any freestanding garden structure, like an obelisks, or produce a dense, living screen along a fence line.

Caring for Orchids – 5 Common Questions Answered

Orchid care, while perfectly simple with the right knowledge, can be somewhat overwhelming at first the beginner. The following are 5 of the most common questions novice orchid owners ask along with their answers.

Odontoglossum Orchids – 5 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Environment for Your Odontoglossums

Odontoglossum orchids are well-loved for their intricately designed flowers. They bloom with colors ranging from white, yellow, red and purple, with some having colors and patterns that resemble a tiger. Do you know these 5 steps to give them exactly what they need?

Gardening Journal, Tips for What To Include In It

Now is the time to start a gardening journal; as you start planning your garden, start making notes in it. It can be a 3-ring binder with pocket folders, a calendar with pockets, or an online gardening journal. Keep everything pertaining to the garden in it.

Hydroponic System: Installing an Air Pump

Hydroponic systems require an air pump to oxygenate the water reservoir. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to set up your air pump. By the end of this article you will know everything you need to know to set up the air pump in your Hydroponic System.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Herb Gardens

Are you planning on planting a herb garden? What a wonderful way to bring fresh herbs into your home and kitchen, and what better way to occupy your free time? There are many pros and cons to having either an indoor or an outdoor setting for your herb garden, but the choice is ultimately yours, and whatever will work best with your situation is the best way to go. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding where and how to put in a herb garden.

Upside Down Tomato Growing – More Than Just Gardening!

Upside down tomato growing has enchanted many gardeners around the world and this has become one option that many home gardeners want to try. While some plant their tomatoes just for the beauty of it, others make it their best food supply and upside down tomatoes can be hung near the kitchen for ease of picking.

Different Types of Tomato Trellis

There are no juicier tomatoes than homegrown tomatoes. In order to produce those juicy, plump tomatoes you must go all out in taking care of your plant. It will mean providing it with best soil, regular watering, proper pruning and protection from disease and pest. To achieve this, it is important to provide a tomato trellis for your plant.

Guide to Orchids Repotting

Orchids need to be repotted for two reasons. First, the orchid may have outgrown the pot, so it needs a bigger pot to grow and thrive. Though your plants can have roots sticking out of the potting mix into the air, orchids repotting needs to be done when pseudobulbs are hanging over the side of the pot or when new roots cannot grow inside the pot anymore.

Choosing the Right Tomato Pots

I wanted to have a tomato garden in my apartment but there is just no space for an outdoor garden. So I went to a local nursery and asked for some advice on how to start a tomato garden indoor. The first advice was to choose the right tomato pots.

Some Useful Tips For Creating A Sustainable Indoor Garden

Having an indoor herb garden is nice and can really class a place up. Go for it! Picking the right herbs to add to your indoor garden might be difficult, but if you take a quick like at your spice or herb rack, you’ll be able to make that decision quickly.

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